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10 Sep, 2013

Great All-Rounder book

Clive Rice All Rounder's bookBacher includes Rice among the greats in his book Jacques Kallis and 12 other Great South African All-Rounders. 

He was one of the first cricketers to really place an emphasis on physical fitness. After training he would sprint around the field and he always said he just wanted to be the fittest cricket around so when the time came to play Test cricket he would be ready.

Sep 1998

Brain tumor diagnosis


Rice learns he has a large brain tumor.

It’s called an acoustic neuroma and it’s about 4cm long. The good news is that it’s benign, although removing it will cost me the hearing in my left ear.

On Bacher’s advice, he plans to have surgery in Hanover, Germany.

Ali told me that some things are negotiable – but in this case he was not prepared to negotiate with me. He insisted that I go to Hanover because that is were I will get the best possible treatment. I was planning on having the surgery done in South Africa, but I took Ali’s advice.

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