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Alibaba Jack Ma

CNBC interview

19 Sep, 2014

Ma tells CNBC that he is ‘honored and excited’ about the IPO:

What we’ve got is not the money, what we’ve got is the trust from the people … I’ve been thinking about the next five or 1o years, how I can make these shareholders happy.

The company will invest in its global operations:

There’s so many things we have to do with our ecosystem not only helping small businesses in China but helping small businesses in every country … I think the money will be spent there.

He says that while Alibaba’s story is Chinese, his hero is American:

The hero I had is Forrest Gump. I’ve been watching that movie for about 10 times … I watched the movie before I came here again [and it was] telling me that no matter what ever changed, you are you.