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15 May, 2017

Joshua-Klitschko could rematch at end of October

Appearance announcement

Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, confirms that Joshua and Klitschko are likely to fight again before the end of the year.

I believe Klitschko will go ahead with the rematch so we are looking at dates. The Principality Stadium is not really available in November because of rugby so 28 October is the option. Most of December is available but I don’t really want to go that late. Josh has a bit of a sore shoulder, Klitschko has had a tough fight, his face was bashed up. You have got two more weeks in May, all of June and after that they will be thinking ‘right let’s get back in camp’. Even if you started back in camp in August, then you have September and October so end of October can work.

11 Apr, 2016

Johnson: I like everything about McGregor


In an interview with Heavyw8 News, Johnson praises McGregor.

I like Conor McGregor, ‘The Notorious’, I wish I took that name. I like it. I like everything about Conor McGregor…I like what he’s doing for the sport of UFC as well and I hope he doesn’t lose because it’s a fickle world. One minute everyone’s on your back, you’re the flavour of the month, you take a loss, everyone writes you off, but he’s done a lot for the sport of the UFC so far. You can’t fault him after losing, it’s how he gets back up and I think so far he’s done unbelievably well for the sport of UFC and I just hope he continues that.

Anthony Joshua on Conor McGregor We're Two Warriors

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