Shake It Off lawsuit dismissed

A U.S. Disctrict Court judge in California dismisses the ‘Shake It Off” lawsuit , using Taylor Swift’s own lyrics. Jesse Braham (aka Jesse Graham) had claimed that the phrases “haters gonna hate” and “players gonna play” were plagiarized from his 2013 song “Haters Gonna Hate.” But the judge found that the phrase “haters gonna hate” was […]

Holiday red cup controversy

The annual reveal of Starbucks’ Christmas ‘red cup’ is stirring up some controversy. The annual cup has featured several winter-themed designs since it first appeared in 1997. This year’s holiday cup design is an ombre from bright red to dark cranberry. While some Twitter users praise the minimalist design, others think the cups are a ‘war on Christmas.’ Starbucks maintains that their holiday […]

Hosts SNL

Trump hosts SNL for the second time — the first time was in 2004. During the show’s opening monologue someone is heard screaming ‘Trump is a racist!’ The heckler turns out to be Larry David, who plays also Bernie Sanders in various skits. Referring to a Latino group that had offered anyone in the audience money to yell out, David says: […]

Protests police brutality

Tarantino joins hundreds of demonstrators to protest police brutality nationwide. I’m a human being with a conscience, and if you believe there’s murder going on then you need to rise up and stand up against it. I’m here to say I’m on the side of the murdered. The event is the last of three demonstrations the group […]

‘Impossible engine’ works in tests

NASA conducts more tests of its ‘impossible engine’, and the first public update in months suggests fuel-free thrusters do work — but they don’t know why. Paul March, one of the top engineers working the EM Drive thruster at the Eagleworks Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center in Texas, posts the update on the NASA Spaceflight forum in response to a claim the […]

U.S.: ISIS bomb downed Russian plane

U.S. officials claim there is significant evidence that a bomb brought down Russia’s plane over the Sinai Peninsula and U.S. investigators are focusing on ISIS operatives or sympathizers as the likely bombers. U.S. officials stress that while they believe it’s ‘likely’ that a bomb was on the plane, it’s still too early to conclude that for certain, and mechanical […]

Downed Russian plane claim

The Sinai branch post an audio message on terror-related social media accounts  insisting ISIS brought down the Russian plane in Egypt. The  message is believed to carry the voice of Wilayat Sinai’s Abu Osama al-Masri, who has made recordings for the group in the past. In it, Masri claims the group will reveal ‘soon’ how they downed the plane, and […]

‘Shake It Off’ lawsuit filed

Out-of-work musician, Jesse Braham, is suing Taylor Swift for $42 million, claiming she ripped off his lyrics for her hit song ‘Shake It Off.’ He claims that his song, ‘Haters Gone Hate,’ has the same phrases that Swift used in her song and that he copyrighted ‘Haters Gone Hate’ in February 2013. Swift’s song, from her 1989 […]

Children’s novel in the works

Under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith, Rowling, in an interview with the BBC’s Radio 2 Book Club, reveals she is writing a new children’s book. No word was given on the genre of the book or whether it is in any way related to the Harry Potter series. I will definitely write more novels as J. K. Rowling. Novels […]

Negotiatiating TV debate terms directly

Trump’s campaign says he is negotiating his terms directly with television executives instead of as part of a joint effort with his rivals. The move, coming just hours after his and other campaigns gathered in a Washington suburb to craft a three-page letter of possible demands, thwarts an effort to find consensus after what most candidates agreed was a […]

Announces SS2 testing

Branson says the second SpaceShipTwo will be ready to start testing by February 2016. SpaceShipTwo is designed to bring six passengers up to suborbital space before bringing them back down to Earth. All the building and testing of the suborbital craft is all being done in-house at Virgin Galactic, a handover that was in the works before the 2014 […]

Help Is Coming charity release

Crowded House re-releases Help Is Coming, introduced by Cumberbatch, to raise money for refugees fleeing to Europe to escape conflict. The fund-raising video features footage from refugee camps and shows people attempting to travel to a country of sanctuary. Crowded House’s Neil Finn and Capitol Records have agreed to donate all the royalties to Save […]

Post-Hamlet anti-government speech

Cumberbatch tells a London Hamlet audience to ‘fuck the politicians’ amid criticism of ministers over their handling of the migration crisis in Europe. He has been giving nightly speeches after his curtain call, reading a poem called Home by Somali poet Warsan Shire, which includes the line: No one puts children in a boat unless the water is […]

Improves ‘real names’ policy

In a letter sent to organizations, Facebook says it is testing ways to improve its ‘real names’ policy, with changes coming in December. Facebook users do not have to use their real names, but must use the name that they use in real-life. Some organizations fear that some users, including domestic abuse victims and those in the LGBT community, […]

Unveils plan to reform Veterans Affairs

Calling the Department of Veterans Affairs ‘a total disaster,’ Trump unveils his plan to reform Veterans Affairs health care at a rally in Norfolk, Virginia. He calls for all eligible veterans eligible for health care at VA hospitals to be allowed the same care at any hospital that accepts Medicare. He says this would increase competition and decrease […]

Performs as Prince

James performs as Prince, singing Purple Rain at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Halloween party. Cleveland forward, Love, has a front-row seat for the performance and shares his video footage:

‘Don’t televise GOP debates’

Carson’s campaign suggests that future Republican presidential debates only be broadcast over the Internet, on Facebook or YouTube. The campaign also says the forums should prioritize lengthy statements from candidates rather than frequent moderator intervention. Spokesman Doug Watts: We also think there are too many debates. They’re all bunched up and they really do take a […]

Endorses Rubio

GOP mega-donor, Singer, endorses Rubio in a letter sent to dozens of other donors. He praises Rubio’s message of optimism about America’s future, his work on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and his ability to make a persuasive case to voters as key reasons to support him. Singer describes Rubio as the only candidate who can ‘navigate this […]

Third Republican presidential debate

At the third Republican presidential debate in Boulder, CO, hosted by CNBC, Rubio responds to a question about criticism from the SunSentinel newspaper for missing many Senate votes while on the campaign trail. I read that article today with amusement… This is another example of the double standard that exists in this country between the mainstream media and […]

Third republican presidential debate

Fiorina appears at the third Republican presidential debate in Boulder, CO, hosted by CNBC. She defends her record as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, says a minimum wage is unconstitutional, and calls out Hillary Clinton and President Obama on their policies towards working women. It is the height of hypocrisy for Mrs. Clinton to talk about being the first women […]

Third Republican presidential debate

Carson appears at the third Republican presidential debate in Boulder, CO, hosted by CNBC. He attempts to explain his flat-tax plan and says it is ‘total propaganda’ to suggest he has any connection to Mannatech, a nutritional supplement company. Responding to a question about how he reconciles being an opponent of same-sex marriage, with serving on the board of Costco, regarded as gay-friendly: I […]

Career Girls interview

In an interview with Career Girls, Gouw says she looks for three things when deciding to invest in a start-up company. The first is the person, the entrepreneur, and their passion and drive, as well as their “domain expertise” and what they know about the space. We really want to back the person who wants to make […]

Forbes interview: Staying motivated

Gouw says that working with dozens of entrepreneurs, and meeting hundreds more every year, drives her passion: The greatest thrill is to be there and see that company grow… and be there on the stock exchange… and see the company be a billion dollar company, when it was an idea that one or two people had, […]


Backplane is founded by Carter, Michelson, Lonsdale and Lady Gaga. The seven-person project aims to provide a way to organize and power online communities based on certain interests, such as sports teams, musicians, and also bring in feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Gaga has a reported 20% stake in the business. $1 million has […]

Announces $75M+ tech fund

Carter, through AF Square, announces the formation of a new fund of between $75 million and $100 million, which will invest mostly in seed and Series A stages. He doesn’t say where the money is coming from, but that he’ll be taking the same approach with his investments as he takes with the musicians he brings in under his management. He […]

Founds AF Square, A\IDEA

Under the umbrella of Atom Factory, Carter founds A\IDEA, a product development and branding agency, and AF Square, an angel fund and technology consultancy that holds interests in many technology companies at various stages of growth.

$127,500 sexual harrassment payout

Tammy Brevik receives a $127,500 settlement after she sues Palmer, claiming he sexually harassed her when she worked for for him in his Minneapolis dental practice from 1999 to 2005. I believe my sex was a factor… in that many of Dr Palmer’s comments concerned my breasts, buttocks and genitalia. I also believe that my termination was in retaliation […]

Founds Atom Factory

Carter founds Atom Factory, a “multi-dimensional entertainment and artist management company” based in Los Angeles, CA, where he serves as chairman and chief executive officer. He says the company can be much more than a simple artist-management firm. It was more about building a platform on top of music—because music, we realized, sells everything but music.

Hires Carter as manager

Jeffers hires Carter to manage her rap career. Carter makes Eve his full-time job and starts building his talent-management company, Boy Wonder.

Sanctuary deal falls apart

Sanctuary Urban Group terminates Carter’s five-year contract, as well as those of his Erving Wonder partners, J. Erving, and Tony Davis, before they expired. An eventual settlement closes the chapter on Sanctuary’s alliance with the urban music genre. Carter says the cultures of the two firms were just too different: Instead of me being able to be creative […]

Joins Bad Boy Entertainment

Carter graduates from throwing house parties to promoting rap concerts. While promoting a Notorious B.I.G. show in Philadelphia — where Biggie Smalls is a no-show — Carter gets talking to Combs, who had signed B.I.G to his label: We were having a conversation and I said to Puff, ‘Well, tell me about what you do.’ And he told me, and I […]

USC interview

Carter shares his story and advice with University of Southern California students. He talks about his lowest point: It was a really tough one and a half years of my life… I feel, as a human being, you can only hit so many lows before you are at your breaking point. I remember this one point […]

Forbes Under 30 Summit judge

Carter appears as one of three judges of the $400,000 Pressure Cooker Contest during Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia. The winners are a team called Enrou, with “an online conscious marketplace for the conscious consumer to find products created in developing countries all around the world”.

The Economist: Lady Gaga and social media

The Economist talks with Carter about how new technology and social media was used to garner legions of fans for Lady Gaga. It came out of basic necessity… We saw new technology as alternative to reach audiences, opposed to radio… Now, we would much rather build the fan base online and let it grow organically, and let […]

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur’s Summit interview

Carter shares his insights on the effects technology has on business and what he looks for when investing in startup companies. Technology has always affected business. Always some kind of disruption… (need to) have that ability to live around the corner. And pay attention to emerging technologies…We do more investing in entrepreneurs than we invest […]

Erving Wonder acquired by Sanctuary

Erving Wonder is acquired by Sanctuary Group Inc., which manages some of the world’s biggest artists. Carter and Erving are appointed as Executive Vice Presidents of Sanctuary Urban. Sanctuary CEO Mercuriadis: Erving Wonder has made a tremendous impact in both the music and the film world having developed an impressive roster of multi-talented, commercially viable and important artists. Troy and J’s strategic […]

Founds Erving Wonder

Carter and Erving found talent management company Erving Wonder by merging Boy Wonder Management and J. Erving Group. As well as Eve, they manage other major hip-hop and R&B stars, Beanie Siegel, Jadakiss, Sleepy Brown, Angie Stone, Floetry, and Nelly.

Carter, Gaga meet

Facing eviction from his office, Carter is introduced to Lady Gaga by Herbert, the executive producer at her record label. Carter becomes her manager. Vince is a big guy, and I see him walking through the reception area. And behind him, I see this girl with these big shoes, and big black eyeglasses, and fishnet stockings, and no […]

Professional debut

Makes his debut as a professional tightrope walker at age 13. He has been practicing since his first walk as a toddler. One thing that was passed on from generation to generation in my family, over seven generations in 200 years, was never give up. That’s the way we live.

Completes Karl Wallenda’s deadly walk

In a recreation of the act that killed Karl Wallenda in 1979, Wallenda and his mother walk a 100-foot-long (30 m), 120-foot-high (37m) high-wire between the two towers of the Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Delilah and Nik start at opposite ends of the wire. When Delilah reaches the middle of the wire, roughly the spot Karl […]

Nik Wallenda born in Sarasota, Florida

Nik Wallenda is born Nikolas Wallenda in Sarasota, Florida to Terry Troffer and Delilah Wallenda.He is a seventh-generation member of The Flying Wallendas aerialists family. The family, of Austro-Hungarian descent, have been circus performers since the 1700s. They were made famous in the 1920s by Nik’s great-grandfather Karl Wallenda, for their high-wire balancing acts without nets. Karl died […]

Female Founders Conference 2014

Y Combinator holds its first ever Female Founders Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. In her opening remarks, Livingston says that the sold-out gathering is “the most over-subscribed event” in their history. I wouldn’t be surprised if in five years, we feel like 2014 was the tipping point for female founders. She shares some basic […]

GigaOM interview

Livinston talks to GigaOm about what qualities Y Combinator partners look for in founders who apply. First and foremost, the cofounder relationship is extremely important… Second, have the founders built something before?… Another quality I think is important is kind of being flexible-minded, or open-minded…. I always say the most important quality in any founder […]

Call center opens

The company opens a call center for customers inquiring about the status of their Bitcoins held with the exchange.

Files for bankruptcy, “discrepancies” of ¥2.7bn ($27m)

Mt. Gox officially files for bankruptcy protection with outstanding debts of ¥6.5bn ($63.6m), against assets of ¥3.8bn ($37.4m).  A notice posted on their website admits that “although the complete extent is not yet known”, 750,000 of its customers’ bitcoins and 100,000 of the company’s own have “disappeared” due to “illegal access through the abuse of a bug in the […]

U.S. citizen files class action lawsuit

Gregory Greene, of Illinois, files a class action lawsuit against Mt. Gox for its loss of approximately 750,000 Bitcoins valued at more than $400 million. Filed in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, the 32 page legal complaint accuses Mt. Gox and Mark Karpeles of consumer fraud and negligence for failing to provide the necessary security to prevent […]