Mayweather beats Ortiz by KO

Mayweather and Ortiz fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mayweather wins the first three rounds, but in the fourth round Ortiz lands a few shots before intentionally headbutting Mayweather in the face, opening a cut on the inside and outside of Mayweather’s mouth. Referee Joe Cortez immediately calls a timeout and docks Ortiz a point for the foul. After the […]

Mayweather camp: McGregor-Van Heerden sparring footage ‘staged’

Jones, who is part of Mayweather’s training camp, says sparring footage that shows McGregor struggling in the ring with mid-tier boxer Van Heerden could be part of an elaborate ploy. I think I’ve seen that sparring. First of all, like I said, I looked at it, but to me it looked (like) it’s a possibility it could […]

Ferguson calls McGregor a ‘pussy’

Ferguson vents his frustration at not being given a fight, with a series of posts to Twitter. 9 Fight Win Streak. If @TeamKhabib Didn't Go MIA Would Have Been 10, If @TheNotoriousMMA Would Stop Being A Pussy 11 & @NateDiaz209 12 — Tony Ferguson (@TonyFergusonXT) June 23, 2017 He then responds to No.10 ranked lightweight Al […]

McGregor encourages 16-year-old James Gallagher

A video is released of McGregor talking with Gallacher, taken in July 2103. Gallacher was 16 years old at the time. McGregor had just made his UFC debut, beating Marcus Brimage. McGregor comes off a phone call: CMG: Time for another suit. JG: Nice for some. CMG: Soon enough, Jimmy Boy, soon enough.

McGregor praises Gallagher’s Bellator win

Gallacher receives praise from McGregor after the 20-year-old, a training partner of McGregor under coach John Kavanagh, submits Chinzo Machida in two minutes, 22 seconds during a showcase bout on Spike TV, before the start of the Bellator NYC pay-per-view from Madison Square Garden. Responding to comparisons to McGregor: Getting compared to the GOAT? The […]

McGregor visits children in Crumlin hospital

McGregor pays a visit to sick children in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, in Crumlin, Dublin. Absolute gent @TheNotoriousMMA took time out of his day to visit me mates daughter in Our Lady’s hospital. They’re all buzzing. Huge thanks to @TheNotoriousMMA for visiting Crumlin Children's Hospital. It was the lift my family and everyone in the heart […]

Pacquiao sparring partner joins McGregor team

Johnson, ex-UFC fighter and former Manny Pacquiao sparring partner, announces he has joined the McGregor camp. GOD is so good to me!!! ITS OFFICIAL!!! IM TEAM MCGREGOR!!! Headed to Ireland to help out the legend himself Conor mcgregor for his upcoming bout against Floyd mayweather which is stated to be the biggest fight in combat […]

Fighter sprays urine at opponent: ‘Drink my piss’

During the weigh-ins for a Universal Reality Combat Championship event in the Philippines, Kiko Matos comes face to face with opponent Baron Geisler for a staredown. After squaring off for the cameras, Matos puts his hand behind his back where he is handed a squirt-bottle full of his urine. Then he pulls the trigger and spraying his own urine into Geisler’s […]

McGregor baton training video

McGregor releases a video of training with Portal, using what appears to be a plastic baton. In the foreground, fighters train to hit playing cards, another Portal training method. Smooth is fast. A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Jun 24, 2017 at 6:53am PDT

Mayweather trainer worried McGregor will ‘do something stupid’

Jones, who is Mayweather’s assistant trainer, says he has concerns about McGregor in the ring. One way I can see the fight ending is Floyd outboxing him, beating the crap out of him. Another way I’m going to be concerned about is when Floyd gets to a point where he frustrates him too much, McGregor’s […]

White: People are crazy if they think Mayweather can’t be caught

White posts two videos to counter those who think that Mayweather is untouchable. People are crazy if they think @FloydMayweather can't be caught — Dana White (@danawhite) June 24, 2017 . @FloydMayweather can be caught — Dana White (@danawhite) June 24, 2017

White to fans: Don’t buy tickets, they’re not on sale yet

White issues a warning to fans who may be fooled into thinking tickets are already on sale. A fan told me he bought tix already. I want ALL fans to know that we have not even come up with a price for tix yet and tix ARE NOT for sale yet. Don’t get f-cked by […]

Golovkin: I respect McGregor as a UFC fighter, but he’s not a boxer

As part of their media tour his fight against Canelo Alvarez, which will take place three weeks before the McGregor-Mayweather bout, Golovkin talks about McGregor’s chances. This is not a fight. My fight with Canelo is a fight. This is show. Conor with Floyd is show — business show or a funny show, or for […]

Hopkins: McGregor-Mayweather is a ‘fake news’ fight

Hopkins says that Canelo vs Gennady Golovkin is a superior fight to Mayweather vs McGregor. Conor who? People got a choice they can go for the fake news, which is Floyd Mayweather vs. what’s his name again? Come on. You got a first-class. legend Icon fighting who. And you want to pass up a canelo and […]

White praises McGregor’s odds vs other boxers

White posts to Twitter comparing McGregor’s betting odds agaisnt other fighters who have faced Mayweather. People talking shit that @TheNotoriousMMA doesn’t have a chance vs Mayweather. Oddsmakers disagree!!! Odds for Conor vs other great boxers People talking shit that @TheNotoriousMMA doesn't have a chance vs Mayweather. Oddsmakers disagree!!! 😜 Odds for Conor vs other great […]

Florian: McGregor needs to ‘get nasty’ to beat Mayweather

Former UFC title contender Kenny Florian says McGregor has a chance to get to Mayweather, but his best weapon is most likely psychological. I think honestly the best thing that Conor could do is what he does outside of the ring, outside of the cage, and that is get inside the head of Floyd Mayweather. […]

92% of Irish bets are for McGregor to win

PaddyPower reports that 92 per cent of bets that have been placed in Ireland on the McGregor-Mayweather fight have been for McGregor to win. The unexpected support at the bookies has prompted Paddy Power to cut McGregor’s outsider odds from 13/2 to 4/1 in recent days: Given the nature of the betting, we’d be left […]

Kavanagh: ‘We’re looking forward to shocking the world’

In an article for The42, Coach Kavanagh gives his thoughts on the McGregor-Mayweather fight. On one of my first trips to Las Vegas with Conor McGregor, probably back in 2014, I recall him mentioning the possibility of a fight against Floyd Mayweather. I stopped doubting him a long time ago at this stage, but I […]

Berto: If McGregor catches Mayweather ‘he’ll be the king of the world’

Berto​, who went 12 rounds with Mayweather in 2015, says McGregor has the confidence to be able to stand up to Mayweather and win. It’s the fight game. Something can happen. He catches [Mayweather], no-one gonna be able to tell Conor anything. He’s gonna be king of the world. He’s special as well. I’ve never […]

McGregor nominated for 2017 ESPY award

McGregor is nominated for “Best International Athlete” and “Best Fighter” at the 2017 ESPY awards. Opposing him in the votes for Best International Athlete (see online votes here) are Canelo Alvarez (boxing), Usain Bolt (track and field), Katinka Hosszu (swimming), and Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer).  In the Best Fighter category McGregor is up against UFC champion […]

Mayweather works out in California gym

Mayweather appears in a video, working out for four hours at the Ten Goose Boxing Gym in Van Nuys, California in preparation for his fight with McGregor. You name him, I beat him. I can get a black eye, I can get a bloody nose, at the end of  the day I don’t have a […]

Chiesa: It ‘sucks’ McGregor is holding up entire lightweight division

Chiesa says he’s annoyed at McGregor holding up the Lightweight Division. We don’t need to beat around the bush. Conor’s doing what he’s doing is f-cking retarded. What Conor is doing is ridiculous. It’s a tricky decision, and it’s all tricky because we’re sitting and waiting for one guy to do something, and you’ve got 10 […]

Gym mural makers want to inspire McGregor

Subset, the company that created the mural of McGregor punching Mayweather that has formed the backdrop of two recent Instagram posts by the Irish fighter, explains how it came about. The artwork is a gift for John [Kavanagh] which will aid Conor with the visualization of his success. As it was a surprise, we were required […]

Diaz sued for $1 million by former agent over McGregor rematch profits

The Ballenge Group, Diaz’s former managers, files a $1 million suit in District Court in Dallas, claiming they had worked with the fighter since 2014 on several big fights including Rafael Dos Anjos, Michael Johnson and the first McGregor fight at UFC 196. Ballengee claims that in July 2016 — after sealing the deal for Nate […]

McGregor to host Glasgow event

McGregor will host an evening with fans at an event in Glasgow’s Armadillo venue on September 29.  Tickets will be available for the event from, ranging from £45.40 to £1,100.

Portal uses ‘Chaotic Card Drill’ to train McGregor’s reflexes

Portal releases a video of McGregor using the ‘Chaotic Card Drill’ in training with McGregor. McGregor has to hit playing cards that Portal throws towards him. Using the chaotic trajectory of a flying card to keep [McGregor] sharp, adaptive and responsive to an unexpected situation, with focus on abandoning original prediction and installing a secondary one […]

SBG Gym founder: McGregor has the advantage over Mayweather

Thornton, who founded SBG Gym in 1992 and who trained Kavanagh, talks about Kavanagh’s influence on the gym, and about his influence on McGregor. Conor has the advantage as the underdog. It’s a role he occupies well. He has the advantage as the much younger man. Conor has the advantage as the underdog. It’s a role […]

McGregor meets White for first time

After the Brimage fight, McGregor meets White for the first time on camera. They talk about the Brimage fight and invites him to fight in Dublin and Boston. White: Welcome to the UFC. There’s been a lot of hype. I guess the hype is real. Marcus Brimage was a tough dude. McGregor: Yeah man, he’s […]

Kavanagh, Roddy and Lobov will be at McGregor’s ringside

Roddy, McGregor’s striking coach, says that he will be on duty at McGregor’s side during the Mayweather fight, and that the fighter will also be supported by Lovov, his sparring partner, and coach Kavanagh. At the moment, it’s going to be me, John, possibly Artem and I think there’s four. Obviously he’ll have to get […]

Triple H invites McGregor and Mayweather to Monday Night Raw

WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Triple H invites McGregor and Mayweather to come to WWE Raw and ‘show the world why they’re the man’. All sports is entertainment, news is entertainment today, it is just the way of the world. Everything is entertainment, that is what people do with their time. This is no different…I think […]

‘I am a filthy Irish animal’

McGregor posts an image to Twitter. I am a filthy Irish animal I am a filthy Irish animal. — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) June 20, 2017

King: Conor McGregor is a racist bigot

In an op-ed in The New York Daily News, Sean King, a Black Lives Matter activist who has come under criticism from some who say he is a white person posing as a person of color, calls McGregor a bigot. Mayweather and McGregor’s feud was fueled in part by racism. After Mayweather complained in January 2016 […]

McGregor gets training in Rocky 4 parody video

UFC Fighter Edits releases a video of McGregor training for the Mayweather fight, based on the training montage from Rocky IV. Let's do this #august26 #mayweathermcgregor #official A post shared by Ufcfighteredits (@ufcfighteredits) on Jun 14, 2017 at 4:17pm PDT

Mayweather and McGregor to go on promo tour

While on The MMA Hour Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions talks about the upcoming McGregor-Mayweather fight. Both sides were able to walk away from this deal, and everyone was happy. There was nothing contentious at all…Floyd Mayweather is is the A side in everything he does…We’re planning a tour. Those details will be forthcoming.

Roddy: McGregor to floor Mayweather mid fight

Speaking on The MMA Hour, McGregor’s striking coach says the Irishman will be able to beat Mayweather. I think he’s gonna put him away. He’s gonna KO him. It’ll take a couple of rounds…Conor does these exceptional things all the time. If he says he’s gonna knock him out, then he’ll knock him out..I think […]

Manager: McGregor a free agent for megafight sponsorship deals

While talking on The MMA Hour, Attar, McGregor’s manager, says that the fighter is a free agent when it comes to sponsorship deals for the fight with Mayweather. Well we let a lot of our deals lapse, so there’s a lot of categories that we’ve been negotiating with reebok, and other brands. He’s currently a […]

Manager: McGregor wants to return to MMA after Mayweather fight

Attar, McGregor’s manager, confirms that McGregor will return to MMA. Conor is a very ambitious young man. That’s the key two words: Young man. He has a lot more that he wants to accomplish athletically, and as a businessman. He definitely wants to fight again in MMA. If all things go well and he feels […]

Unseen footage of McGregor backstage prior to UFC 196 loss released

Previously unreleased footage of McGregor entering the arena before his March 2016 UFC 196 loss to Nate Diaz is released. As McGregor heads for the octagon, draped in the Irish tricolour, to the sounds of Sinéad O’Connor’s Foggy Dew, he says: Sing to me Sinéad. Sing me into war. Coach Kavanagh issues encouragement to his fighter before the […]

Coker to UFC: You’re putting McGregor in harm’s way

Coker, who is the CEO of the Bellator promotion, says there could be long-term repercussions that could affect the UFC’s biggest superstar. Obviously, it’s gonna be a big money maker for everybody and that’s why they’re doing it. But you’re putting your fighter in harm’s way, so what’s the long-term impact on that? I’m not […]

Big Show tells McGregor he faces rough night against Mayweather

Big Show, who fought Mayweather at Wrestlemania 24 in 2008, says McGregor is facing a tough competitor in Mayweather. He’s one of the greatest fighters in his weight class of all time. To share the stage with him at WrestleMania was one of the most incredible moments of my career.

Hague left brain dead after KO

During a fight with Braidwood at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Hague is knocked out in the second round. Hague, who had a 1-2 record as a pro boxer before the fight, falls heavily to the canvas, appearing to smack his head on the mat. He is able to get back to his feet […]

Tim Hague dies at 33

Hague, the former UFC fighter known as “The Thrashing Machine,” dies two days after he was critically injured when he was knocked out in a boxing match against former Edmonton Eskimos defensive end Adam Braidwood. He was 21-13 as an MMA fighter before switching to boxing last summer. Hague’s sister announces the death in a […]

Danis: McGregor loves MMA too much to retire

Danis, McGregor’s jiu-jitsu partner, say that the Irishman will not retire from MMA. MMA’s his passion so he’ll go back to that for sure. At the end of the day we’re all competitive…I know him, this is his love, this is his passion…I think he’ll knock [Mayweather] out [in] under six rounds.