McGregor training video with Roddy

McGregor posts a training video, sparring against Roddy. Like the late, great Bruce Lee once said: “When you are talking about fighting, as it is, with no rules, well then baby, you’d better train every part of your body”. Myself and @sbgcharlestown have been working together on unrestricted, unarmed fighting, since we are kids. Not […]

Ferguson to Diaz: Stop acting like McGregor’s ‘ex-girlfriend’ and fight

Ferguson, who hasn’t fought since summer 2016, says he wants to fight Diaz, while Diaz has said he wants a trilogy fight with McGregor. Is [a Diaz fight] worth $60 in pay-per-view? Even one round of two Mexicans going toe-to-toe is going to have every fan around the world buying. That’s the kind of fight I want, […]

White says he turned down $5 billion for UFC

White says that despite receiving a bigger offer of $5 billion for UFC, he went with Emanuel’s lower offer of $4.2 billion, due to Emanuel’s experience. Let me be honest with you, when we were doing this deal there were two groups that came in for more money than Ari [Emanuel]. There was one [offer] for […]

Pratt wants selfie with McGregor

Pratt says he’s a big fan of UFC and McGregor in particular. I work with all these big actors, I’m never starstruck but if I see a UFC fighter I lose it. [I’d like to] go hang with McGregor…I just wanna get a selfie with him.

Garbrandt, Dillashaw exchange taunts over knockout video donations

Amid reports he has been offered $50,000 for footage of Dillashaw being knocked unconscious, Garbrandt taunts Dillashaw to pick a charity for the fee to be donated to. Hey Dillashaw, let’s put an end to all this. I’m going to go out and get as much money as I can for the video of me knocking […]

White compares McGregor talk to Muhammad Ali

In an interview with Olivi, White praises McGregor. At press conferences and doing media he’s great at it. He’s the best. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in the sport ever – other than Ali – who is so entertaining, can take a press conference and turn it into a must-see. His timing is perfect. He’s […]

Conor McGregor music video release

Merkules releases the video for Conor McGregor, directed by Kubrick. I feel like I’m Conor McGregor, get lost in the sauce and then shout at you haters. We eat and we all getting traded. My Squad going major, I’m on a hiatus.

McGregor manager: Mayweather fight moving in the right direction

Attar, McGregor’s manager says there is still a long way to go to a Mayweather fight, but that everything is moving in the right direction. It’s a work in progress but definitely trending in the right direction. It’s not done. Until the ink drys and beyond that, the fight happens, you don’t know. A lot of Conor’s […]

White: McGregor ‘will hit’ Mayweather

Appearing with Snoop Dogg, White says McGregor can beat Mayweather. At the end of the day it’s a fight. Floyd Mayweather is 40 years old; Conor McGregor is 27. Conor’s a big dude. Floyd has trouble with southpaws; Conor McGregor is a southpaw. And Conor McGregor hits like a truck. When he hits you, you know […]

Posts training advice

McGregor posts training advice to Instagram. Always mix up your training equipment and your training patterns to keep your workouts fresh. The engine knows no different. The engine simply knows it is being called upon to work. Never become a “specialist” in one area of training. A specialist is simply a rookie in every other […]

McGregor-Mayweather Terminator parody

McGregor — as the Terminator — chases Mayweather through the streets of LA in this fan-made parody. How does this fight go? I picture it sorta like this. A post shared by 10th Degree Adobe Blackbelt (@ufcfighteredits) on Apr 21, 2017 at 1:08pm PDT

GSP does not rule out future fight with McGregor

St -Pierre responds to the claim that Michael Bisping and Freddie Roach have made that he is lining up a fight with McGregor. That’s a very ambitious plan. I have a plan in the back of my head, but I’m not going to talk about it right now. The reason is – I’m not a talker, […]

McGregor ‘proud’ of Lobov, despite loss

Despite Lobov’s loss, McGregor says he is proud of his sparring partner. That was a great fight. Proud of my brother Artem! What a ride it's been for the Russian Hammer. In a career filled with ups and downs he has never backed down from anything. Nothing but love and respect always my brother ❤ […]

McGregor posts Portal training video

McGregor posts a video of his training with Portal. A nice clip of some work alongside my brother @portal.ido! I look forward to continuing our work together over the coming months in preparation for my next bout. A nice clip of some work alongside my brother @portal.ido! I look forward to continuing our work together […]

McGregor declares his support for Lobov

McGregor declares his support for Lobov, his sparring partner, on Instagram. Many years ago Artem walked into the gym, and he was there to fight. Competitive. Wanted to test himself against the best. Best of luck to my brother Artem Lobov tonight as he headlines UFC Nashville! The fans are in for a treat with […]

Roddy ready to prep McGregor for Mayweather fight

McGregor’s striking coach, Roddy, says that after the Artem Lobov fight he will start helping McGregor prepare for Mayweather. Training now officially starts hard when I get back on Tuesday. I was talking to Conor over the weekend and we’re getting going. I don’t think it’s officially signed yet but it will be soon enough. […]

In-car selfie

McGregor takes a photo with Devlin from inside his car, while she puts her feet up on the dashboard. Keeping the pregnant feet up. Keeping the pregnant feet up 🙆🏻😂 A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on Apr 21, 2017 at 9:35am PDT

Rousey, Brown get engaged

Rousey and Browne say they are engaged. Browne proposed with a square diamond ring under a waterfall in New Zealand about a week ago. No date has been set for the wedding. The couple have been dating since 2015. We’re getting married! Under a waterfall. It felt like the right place to do it.

Kahn, Lobov trade insults Twitter

Kahn and Lobov trade insults on Twitter. @amirkingkhan I sneeze harder than you punch! Tune in on saturday to watch a real fight! — Artem Lobov (@RusHammerMMA) April 20, 2017 @amirkingkhan @ufc I am sorry for hurting your feelings, I didnt mean that, its your glass chin I want! — Artem Lobov (@RusHammerMMA) April 20, […]

McGregor sends ‘protege’ boxing lesson

McGregor posts an Instagram video of him critiquing the boxing techniques of a ‘protege’. He also talks about the Mayweather fight, and about training his son to be a fighter. Floyd may crap his jocks after all and if so I will go back to true fighting or just pick another boxer like manny or something…When […]

McGregor says he will make over $100 million from Mayweather fight

In an Instagram post about his new glasses, McGregor says he will make more than $100 million from the Mayweather fight. It’s actually 100+ milli if we go by the non conservative numbers the fight will actually do and that’s not including my endorsements and business ventures. I don't need glasses I just like how […]

McGregor named as one of Time’s ‘100 Most Influential People’

Time names McGregor as one of the world’s 100 ‘most influential people’. Schwarzenegger writes his praise for the fighter. Conor McGregor is more than a fighter, more than an athlete, more than a champion—although, as the first person in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to hold titles in two weight divisions at once, he […]

Garbrandt-Dillashaw choke video released

Video is released of Garbrandt’s altercation with Dillashaw during filming of The Ultimate Fighter. As two cast members go through their weight cuts to get ready to fight each other, words are exchanged between the two fighters in a hallway, and Garbrandt steps up to defend his fighter. Garbrandt: You’re fake as f-ck, you know you […]

White: McGregor will make $75 million from Mayweather fight

White talks about the negotiations for the fight between McGregor and Mayweather. It depends on how much the fight sells. If the fight sells as well as I think it can, Floyd makes a little north of $100 [million] and Conor makes $75 [million]. [Mayweather] feels like he’s the ‘A’ side and he should get […]

Dreamer: McMahon ‘would choke Conor McGregor out’

Dreamer says McMahon should join UFC, and fight McGregor. He should enter UFC because he is a real badass and he would fare well in the UFC. There’s a lot of guys who want to talk smack like Conor McGregor. I would love to see Shane McMahon go to UFC because I think he would choke some […]

McGregor-Aldo corner audio released

Audio recordings from the corners of the McGregor-Aldo fight at UFC 194 are released, showing the contrasting attitudes of the fighters. While the Brazilian’s corner repeatedly tells Aldo to calm down, the fighter says: Stay calm, go calm. You are the champion. That is you. As Aldo enters the octagon, an Irish voice that is likely to be Coach […]

Lobov: Training with McGregor has left me ‘ready for anyone’

Lobov says training with McGregor has prepared him for his upcoming UFC Fight Night 108 bout with Swanson. Training with Conor of course has prepared me for any fight that I will ever face or ever have faced. I’ve never come across a fighter that would be able to put on the type of pressure that […]

White on McGregor v. Johnson: ‘Anything is possible’

White says a fight between McGregor and Johnson is unlikely, but possible. Conor McGregor has got a long line of people waiting on him…Umm, no. I don’t see that [the fight will happen]…Listen, I didn’t think that Nate Diaz was going to fight either. Anything is possible. We’ll see.

Report: McGregor hotel room trashed, drug paraphernalia found

According to The Sun, McGregor’s Liverpool hotel room was trashed and 20 canisters of nitrous oxide were found. Source: There were canisters all over the floor, smashed glass and food lying about. They damaged sofas and left cig butts and his Irish flag. He got people in there to clean because of the level of damage. […]

McGregor: Fight announcement coming ‘very soon’

In an Instagram post advertising his live performance training program, McGregor says an announcement about his fight with Mayweather is imminent. I am not talented. I don’t believe in talent. My high performance training program is live NOW! Sign up and join me in the preparation of my next fight being announced very soon! […]

Johnson wants McGregor money fight

At the post fight press conference Johnson jokes about his preferred next match up, and talks about money fights in UFC. [My next fight] would be Chael Sonnen, because he’d sell the hell out of that pay-per-view. You said pick a name and I did — there you go…Nowadays, everybody’s talking about big-money fights, right? … […]

Johnson wants million-dollar payday

After Johnson’s win over Wilson Reis he says an 11th defence would take priority over a bantamweight superfight with Cody Garbrandt or T.J. Dillashaw. He also says he expects serious pay raise no matter who he’s facing. I already told Dana White: I need seven figures, you know? I need a million-dollar payday.

Cormier wants McGregor-Mayweather undercard

Cormier says he wants a rematch with Jones on the McGregor-Mayweather undercard. However, he says has not been involved in any talks about the fight. Any human being that gets part of the Pay-per-view would definitely want to be a part of that. If you are on a card with Mayweather and McGregor, and me and Jon […]

Kavanagh: McGregor can beat Woodley easily

At an event at the Star Casino in Sydney, Kavanagh explains how McGregor can beat Woodley. I’d fancy [Conor] in there with Woodley. He’s just another wrestler with an overhand right, and that’s the type Conor grew up knocking out. So I wouldn’t see a massive challenge in that. I would like to see Gunni  get that […]

Leaves Liverpool with bag of cash on private jet

After attending the Grand National and having a self-described “three-day bender,” McGregor leaves Liverpool in a private jet, along with what appears to be a bag of cash. He also appears to have a cut on his knuckle. A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Apr 13, 2017 at 9:49am PDT

Parties in a tree house

While in Liverpool, McGregor attends a house party and ends up in the owner’s tree house. The post has the hashtag #3daybender. Connor mcgregor in a tree house thou 😂😂😂😂😂 I love him #3daybender — Nicole Amanda (@NicoleAmandaJ_) April 11, 2017

Diaz water-bottle incident penalty reduced

Diaz’s penalty for the water bottle throwing incident with McGregor during the UFC 202 press conference is reduced from $50,000 and 50 hours of community service, to $15,000 and 15 hours of community service. As Diaz has already paid the fine he will get a refund of $35,000.

Findmypast uncovers McGregor’s tattooed, criminal ancestors

  An investigation by Findmypast reveals McGregor’s ancestors were often sent to jail, and were also tattooed. McGregor’s paternal great-great grandfather Albert McGregor, who was born in Born in 1878 and lived in Kingstown (modern day Dún Laoghaire), was imprisoned in Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol five times throughout his life. After serving a brief stint in the […]

White not expecting Rousey to return to UFC

At the UFC 210 post-fight media scrum, White says he is not expecting Rousey to return to the UFC. Ronda and I talk maybe once a week, once every two weeks. She has not said anything to me about a comeback…If I had to guess, I would guess that she would not come back.

Aldo follows McGregor’s trash-talking style

At a press conference for his upcoming fight against Holloway in UFC 212, Aldo says he is now willing to trash talk his opponents. I think that this rivalry [with Holloway] is great because it sells more and gives us money. We’re going through a new generation now that is completely different than when I started in […]

Hearn: McGregor-Mayweather ‘the biggest boxing mismatch ever’

Matchroom promoter Hearn says McGregor is mismatched to Mayweather in boxing. McGregor is one of the world’s best MMA fighters but I’ve got kids at York Hall who would beat him hands down in a boxing match. And he’s fighting Floyd Mayweather? That’s the biggest boxing mismatch ever. But if they need a promoter, give me […]

Johnson to file complaint against Cormier weigh-in

Johnson will file a formal complaint about Cormier’s weigh-in. Johnson’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz says he immediately informed Dana White about the action before the match, but did not mention it publicly in case it affected the fight, which Cormier won. Abdelaziz: Anthony’s rights were violated. We will go through the proper legal channels to fix this. […]

Kavanagh: Mcgregor will not fight in Ireland again

At an event at Sydney’s Star Casino, Coach Kavanagh says that, despite hopes that McGregor would one day fight in front of home fans at Croke Park in Dublin, it most likely won’t happen. I have to be honest, I don’t ever see him fighting in Ireland again. Just the time difference [between Ireland and peak […]

Stopped by traffic police in Liverpool

McGregor’s entourage is stopped by traffic police in Liverpool, causing a commotion as fans gather around his Rolls Royce. According to reports, McGregor was not issued a ticket.

White calls out Jeff Mayweather, Bob Arum over McGregor purse claims

At the UFC 210 after-fight press conference, White criticizes Jeff Mayweather’s and Bob Arum’s claim that the UFC would take a high percentage of McGregor’s purse. What I would like to clarify is all the bullshit about the 80 f-cking 20 split. Jeff Mayweather? Come on, Jeff. Me and Jeff go way back. Jeff, are you the spokesman […]