How to grow a Facebook fan page

Newslines helps fan pages monetize their users. But how do you build up a fan page in the first place? There are three main options: Start from zero and grow the page by providing relevant content to your audience Depending on your topic and your content your page may grow quickly, or slowly.  For example, […]

Helwani: Neither McGregor or Mayweather have boxing licence

Helwani tweets that McGregor’s Nevada boxing licence has not been approved yet, and that Mayweather has still to apply for his. Mayweather, on the other hand, has yet to apply for his license. Also, the NAC tells me neither promoter has asked to secure a date. Yet. — Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) May 24, 2017

Garbrandt, Dillashaw fight called off

White says that the bantamweight title fight between Garbrandt and Dillashaw has been officially called off, due to a Garbrandt back injury. Dillashaw will be rebooked to a flyweight title fight against 10-time defending champion Demetrious Johnson in August. However, Johnson, has said that he’s not interested in such a fight. A newly announced interim middleweight title fight […]

White: McGregor sent angry text message after Ferguson refused to fight

White says that after Ferguson refused a catchweight fight against No.6 ranked lightweight Michael Johnson because it was not for a title and for a lower purse, he received a text from McGregor. You know this shit that went on with Tony Ferguson and Khabib, right? Conor text me and said, ‘I can’t believe you’re going to […]

Sutcliffe urges McGregor back to Crumlin for Mayweather prep

Two-time Olympian boxer Phil Sutcliffe says he would welcome McGregor back to Crumlin Boxing Club to prepare for his proposed boxing bout with Mayweather. McGregor won novice boxing titles under Sutcliffe and the Crumlin Boxing Club banner as a teenager. It makes money sense. In boxing sense, it doesn’t make any sense. But anything can happen in […]

White: Mayweather fight could be McGregor’s last

During an interview with Snoop Dogg, White says that McGregor may not come back to MMA after fighting Mayweather. Conor could make $75 million (£57.5 million) [but] how do you come back [to UFC] and fight [for] $10 million (£7.6 million)? You have to be hungry and you may not be hungry with $75 million in […]

Frampton to fight in Ireland on July 29

Delivering a promise made to his fans to fight in Ireland, Frampton says he will fight at Windsor Park on July 29th. No announcement of his opponent has been made. A third fight against Leo Santa Cruz seems unlikely, due to the Mexican’s unwillingness to travel. Lee Selby has also been rumoured, but his team say there […]

McGregor and Mayweather face off in wood

James O’Neal displays his latest creation, a wooden sculpture of Mayweather, alongside his previous sculptures of McGregor and Muhammad Ali, at an Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame ceremony. O’Neal says his next project will be Cris Cyborg.

Tyson: McGregor not skilled enough to beat Mayweather

Tyson says that Mayweather will beat McGregor in boxing. No, it doesn’t give boxing a bad name. This is interesting. It only gives boxing a bad name because Conor is not skilled enough to box with Floyd. If he fought UFC in this and Floyd boxed, then that would be more exciting. Then, we would see […]

Price wins after double knockout floors him and Lecat

During Dorian’s bout against Lecat at Max Muay Thai Stadium in Pattaya, Thailand, both fighters land flush blows on each other at the same time, resulting in a double KO that knocks each man to the canvas. Price is the less hurt of the two and manages to rise from the canvas before the 10-count, winning […]

Mayweather: I look forward to signing the McGregor deal

Mayweather says he is looking forward to signing a superfight deal with McGregor. If me and Conor McGregor do happen to make the fight happen, which I think the fight will happen…I had a great career, and my career may not be over. Number 50 may be against Conor McGregor, we’ll just wait and see…if […]

Jeff Mayweather: Floyd already training for McGregor fight

According to Mayweather’s uncle Jeff, the boxer is already working behind the scenes towards the McGregor showdown. He has come in, he trained once, he must be preparing for the McGregor fight because he worked out with an MMA guy. Everybody was telling me that it was a UFC fighter. Floyd told me they did five […]

The McGregor Show

A fan video is released of McGregor singing to Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind. Just a lad from Crumlin, who knocked out every other sucker. Now I’m here on Broadway to slap the head off some poor f-cker.

Henry: ‘McGregor is one of the best boxers I’ve ever seen – ever’

Henry, who coaches Eddie Alvarez and Frankie Edgar, praises McGregor’s boxing skills. Look, if I was Conor, I would definitely pursue the boxing, because he can make more in one fight than in 10 or 11 with the UFC. But, while he’s doing it, they should definitely make another 155-pound belt, because it would be ridiculous […]

Dirrell’s uncle hits Uzcategui in revenge for after-bell punch

Dirrell’s uncle Leon Lawson, who is part of his coaching team, lands a left-hook on Uzcategui out of revenge for the Venezuelan hitting his nephew after the bell in the eighth round of a bout at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland. While Uzcategui is disqualified for his late punch, Lawson is being sought by Maryland […]

Mayweather: ‘I think the fight will happen’

Speaking in the ring following one of his protege’s bout tonight, Mayweather says that he sees himself facing McGregor. I think the fight will happen. "I think the fight will happen!" The mega fight moves closer as Floyd Mayweather expects to meet Conor McGregor. 🙌🙌 — BT Sport Boxing 🥊 (@BTSportBoxing) May 20, 2017

Is McGregor Gonna Get Lucky? promo video

A promo from Axiom films outlines McGregor’s chances as he heads towards a fight with Mayweather. I almost feel sorry for how McGregor is going to be embarrassed and beat down.

White: ‘Conor is bigger than Pacquiao’

White says that McGregor will make a lot of money from the Mayweather fight. He’s gonna make a couple of bucks. He’s gonna do alright. If this fight even happens, Conor’s gonna make a lot of money. Who doesn’t think that Conor is a global star? I think Conor is bigger than Pacquiao…It’s going to be […]

Rogan: ‘It’s a good fight, in terms of seeing what the f-ck happens’

Rogan says he’s not sure how a McGregor-Mayweather fight will turn out. [McGregor’s] signed. It happened yesterday. He has signed, Floyd Mayweather has not signed, they’re negotiating the Floyd Mayweather deal. It’s a good fight, in terms of seeing what the fuck happens. … First of all, Floyd’s 40, nearly 41 and he’s one of the best […]

McGregor applies for boxing license in Nevada

NSAC Director Bennett says McGregor has submitted his application for a boxing license. According to Bennett, McGregor’s application was incomplete due to missing medical documents, but the commission will consider McGregor’s request once those are provided. McGregor was ineligible to receive a boxing license in Nevada as recently as March, due to an outstanding fine for […]

Roddy: The longer Mayweather takes to sign, the better it is for us

Roddy, McGregor’s striking coach, says he wants Mayweather to take his time signing up to fight the Irishman. He’s very happy with the deal.  I was just with Conor yesterday for some training and he’s just excited. He just wants to get it on. I’m sure he’s happy with whatever he has signed, but I […]

McGregor says he has signed contract to fight Mayweather

McGregor says he has signed a contract to fight Mayweather, and is now waiting on the boxer to sign. It is an honour to sign this record breaking deal alongside my partners Zuffa LLC, The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Paradigm Sports Management. The first, and most important part of this historic contract has now officially […]

McGregor test drives iBox green boxing gloves

McGregor shares a video on Instagram lacing up his Emerald-Isle-emblazoned gloves and punching pads with an anxious-looking partner. Floyd better be ready, the baddest man on the planet is hunting. #TBT • Dublin, Ireland. SBG Gym. Team iBox delivering Conor McGregor his Irish Coloured Gloves 🤙🏽 • Check out this short clip of him using them! 👊🏽 […]

Johnson to Rousey: ‘You got your ass beat, grow the f-ck up’

When Johnson is asked about his winning streak and the possibility of losing, he brings up Rousey. You look at Ronda Rousey. You got your ass beat, grow the f-ck up. It happens. It’s mixed martial arts. I don’t want to be like that. If I lose, I’ll be like, I lost…Everybody f-cking loses. It’s part of the […]

Mayweather: No word from Dana White yet

Mayweather says that he has received no word from Dan White about a McGregor fight, and that he is waiting to talk. It’s only one fight I think that makes business sense. I came out of retirement because I’m a businessman. I want to give the world what they want to see…McGregor’s a fighter, I’m […]

Shows off Rolexes at the dinner table

McGregor posts an Instagram of him at the dinner table waiting to be served steak, with two new Rolex watches. Hurry up with that steak! Good service please. A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on May 16, 2017 at 2:35pm PDT  

Daley: Mayweather-McGregor is a ‘huge mismatch’

Daley, who is preparing for his fight with Rory MacDonald in the headline event at Bellator 179, says McGregor has no chance of beating Mayweather. Most definitely it’s a mismatch. It’s been done well because McGregor fans are sold on the whole concept but you’re talking about one of the best boxers of our time, who has […]

Davis stops punching Malsam to tell ref fight is over

In the first round of a bantamweight bout at Centurion FC 1 Davis has to stop punching Malsam to tell the referee that the fight is over. Davis is awarded the fight via TKO. Davis: Had to stop the fight myself because the ref seemed to want me to kill the guy. Got the win by 1st […]

Lee: McGregor ‘like a triathlete trying to swim against Michael Phelps’

Lee, who has had over 38 professional boxing matches, says that while a Mayweather-McGregor superfight will be entertaining to watch, ultimately McGregor cannot beat Mayweather. In terms of a contest, I don’t see it being a real fight. Mayweather is the best boxer of our generation. Conor McGregor is a great boxer in UFC but […]

Lee: I’m gonna beat the f-ck out of Michael Chiesa!

After their scuffle at UFC Summer Kickoff, Lee says he is going to give Chiesa a beat down. I talk shit and I like to fight. He couldn’t get a word in. I was spitting some real truth to him. When I say I’m gonna change his life, I don’t mean it like Conor, like he’s […]

McGregor: Jedrzejczyk is ‘one ferocious female fighter!’

McGregor pays tribute to Jedrzejczyk after her successful defence of her strawweight title against Jessica Andrade. That is one ferocious female fighter. Lethal with every limb, and from every angle.A truly amazing fighter.Congrats @joannamma! — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) May 14, 2017

Nick Diaz: McGregor win over Mayweather ‘can’t be ruled out’

Diaz says it would be foolish to completely rule out McGregor’s chances of turning the combat sports world upside down with a Mayweather win. I wouldn’t count anybody out. You’ve got a lot of stipulations to look at. You can’t just go jump on a hype train either one, you know?

Sparring video

McGregor releases a boxing sparring video. Fighting is easy to me because I dedicate every single second of my thinking brain to it. Fighting is easy to me because I dedicate every single second of my thinking brain to it. A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on May 14, 2017 at 10:22am PDT

McGregor-Mendez corner audio released

The corner audio for McGregor v. Mendez, from UFC 189 is released. After Jose Aldo withdrew from the fight due to a bruised rib, McGregor headed into the bout as favourite with many believing that Mendes’ two week training camp would simply prove to be too little time to prepare. However, Mendes brought McGregor to the […]

White: McGregor and I have ‘agreed on a deal’ for Mayweather bout

The UFC President says he has agreed in principle with McGregor on all the details about the Mayweather fight. White says they just need to put pen to paper, and expect it to be done on Sunday 14 May. [Conor and I] are not meeting. We’re right there to get this deal done. I would like to […]

Fertitta: McGregor and Mayweather deserve the money

Fertitta, the ex-UFC owner, says he supports Dana White’s plan to pay Mayweather $100 mil and McGregor $75 mil if they fight. It’s never too much money. They deserve it. McGregor [will win] for sure. Conor’s a special guy. He’s different. Don’t underestimate him.

Taylor, McGregor meet

The UFC Champion meets the Olympic boxing champion. Waiting a long time to meet the main man @TheNotoriousMMA! What a privilege to eventually meet and chat with the worlds best. — Katie Taylor (@KatieTaylor) May 12, 2017

White: If Garbrandt is out, Dillashaw wants to fight Demetrious Johnson

With Dillashaw believing that Garbrandt has pulled out of his UFC 213 bout, White confirms that he is looking to fight Johnson at 215 pounds. TJ Dillashaw called me this morning. And said ‘if Cody can’t fight, what I would love to do is stop Demetrious Johnson from breaking the record’. So that’s fun. Right? And […]

Dillashaw says UFC 213 bout with Garbrandt is cancelled

An hour or two before UFC Summer Kickoff, reports emerge that Garbrandt had pulled out of the conference in order to travel to Germany to deal with a serious back issue, leaving Dillashaw, his opponent in the upcoming UFC 213 bout to claim that Garbrandt was pulling out of the fight. Garbrandt: I tore my back […]