Targets McGregor

Choi says he has his sights set on McGregor. It’s what everyone is talking about and what everyone wants to know about. I want to be the UFC’s first Asian world champion and if that means I have to fight Conor McGregor, then that’s what I will have to do. I will be ready if that happens, as […]

‘Creepy clown’ not happy with McGregor’s threat

A professional ‘creepy clown’ challenges McGregor to visit his scare house following his threat to “slap the head off him”. I believe you’re trying to beat the head of me and shove my mask up my ass – well I dare you to come to The Asylum where we will frighten the shite out of you. Fifteen minutes with […]

Tells UFC fighters to stop moaning

McGregor comments on the fighters like Aldo, who are complaining about their treatment by UFC. Tell me one time that crying and moaning, tell me one time that’s good for progression. It’s not. Where would you be if I wasn’t here? Be grateful that you’re even in the conversation. Keep your head down, keep working, stay focused, […]

Says McGregor’s ‘spirit’ is missing

Alvarez says McGregor is missing ‘spirit’. Stylistically it’s my fight to win. I won’t say it’s easy, especially against a guy who has the crowd like that on his side, but I’m going to get this job done and I’m going to get it done violently and quickly. Technically, I think Conor’s a good fighter,” Alvarez […]

Venue, date, undercard announced

The WBA announces that Frampton will defend his WBA featherweight title for the first time against former holder Santa Cruz on January 28, 2017, in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena. Both the Barclays Centre in New York and the MGM had been placed on hold, with Vegas eventually winning out. The headline fight will be […]

Confirms Santa Cruz rematch

Frampton confirms his upcoming rematch with Santa Cruz. Done deal! The rematch vs @leosantacruz2 is on!!! More news to come soon #AndStill — Carl Frampton MBE (@RealCFrampton) October 20, 2016

Wants ‘historic’ images of two belts

McGregor says he would like to have a moment with his belts if he wins against Alvarez. Let me go onto the side of that Octagon and raise two world titles, what’s never been done before, before talking about stripping me. Let me get the f-cking things, let me do it…let me embrace it for […]

Silva: McGregor fears Aldo

Silva says McGregor fears Aldo, and that Aldo should not leave UFC. McGregor fears Aldo, which is understandable. I would be scared, too. Aldo is hands down the best fighter in the division and you can’t just mess with someone like that. When you mess with a fighter like that, it’s not about the money anymore. […]

Talks about diet

McGregor talks about his diet. My diet is usually pretty consistent whether I’m training for a specific fight or not. I don’t like to mess too much with it. I try to eat healthy all the time. I don’t eat takeaways. I drink mostly water or coconut water. It’s important to stay hydrated — first thing I […]

Calls out McGregor

When asked by Koscielny, “How long would you last with Conor McGregor in a fight?” Giroud responds: Ten seconds…I’ve never been in a cage, fighting. It’d be nice to try, So McGregor, when you want…OK…I’m dead.

Terminates UFC contract

St-Pierre says he has terminated his contract with UFC, and will now be a free agent. Georges St-Pierre says on The MMA Hour his lawyers have terminated his contract with the UFC. Says he is a free agent. — Brett Okamoto (@bokamotoESPN) October 17, 2016

Calls McGregor a ‘retarded ginger’

Mousasi gives more detail on the tweets that he claims McGregor sent him. That ginger is f–king retarded. I think, you know, in an interview I mentioned about respect or whatever. He texted me on Twitter. So I said, ‘what are you going to do with your 50 kilos?’ You know he was like being philosophical or […]

‘It’s my fight to win’

Alvarez talks about McGregor’s weaknesses. It’s my fight to win. I won’t say it’s easy, especially against a guy who has the crowd like that on his side, but I’m going to get this job done and I’m going to get it done violently and quickly. Technically, I think Conor’s a good fighter. He probably […]

Responds to McGregor

After McGregor talks about his win over DIaz: There was a lot of damage done to Nathan in that last fight. Even looking at his facial features, they are not the same so I know those close to him will understand what I’m talking about. Diaz responds with an Instagram: I was ready for round 3 that […]

Says post-UFC 205 announcement ‘is going to be big’

McGregor confirms he will make a major announcement after his upcoming UFC 205 fight with Eddie Alvarez. McGregor says the announcement will come at UFC 205, potentially during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. It’s always positive with me. So all I’ll say is tune in. Buy the pay-per-view and stay tuned,. Don’t blink. It’s going to be big.

Stopped McGregor signing a bad deal before UFC debut

Kavanagh says that a couple of months before McGregor joined the UFC, someone tried to sign him as his manager to a very restrictive deal. That would have cost him around 20-25% of his earnings in return for something like €1,000 a month. Conor was rushing to sign it, saying: ‘I’m getting a thousand euros for doin […]

Kavanagh ‘beat the shit out of’ McGregor

Kavanagh talks about the first time McGregor came to his gym. Well, it was supposed to be a spar, but it was a fight. Owen [Reddy] was the top dog back then and the new guy [McGregor] wanted to test himself…Owen had been with me a long time — he was my boy — but […]

Talks about Ronaldo at J-Lo’s party

Kavanagh talks about going to J-Lo’s party with McGregor and Ronaldo. When McGregor was taken away by Lopez for a dance, Ronaldo questioned the coach. Ronaldo comes over and tells me that he reads everything I write and follows me on Instagram. I’m thinking ‘Wait until I tell my dad about this’…[Even though I moved to another […]

Commission: Fine only $75,000

Bennett, the Executive Director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, says McGregor’s $150,000 fine has been misinterpreted, and that he will only pay $75,000 for the water bottle incident. The $150,000 number includes the $75,000 fine plus the value of a public-service announcement McGregor must do for the commission. McGregor also has to serve 50 hours of community service. It appears the media and others […]

Predicts UFC 205 pay-per-view record

McGregor predicts UFC 205 will break PPV records: I feel it will break the 2-million mark. That’s what I’d like, and then go from there…[It will break the record] 100 percent – I think the money is there. For UFC 202, they backed it with no money. UFC 200 is where the advertising dollars went. UFC […]

Claims McGregor threatened him with knife

Mousasi says that McGregor threatened him after his post-UFC 204 rant. People liked it. I just spoke the truth. Sometimes you have to say stupid shit before people notice you. I got a private message from Conor McGregor. He was cursing at me, the little fu-k. He was threatening me. I said ‘What are you going to do with your […]

Hopes Rousey took inspiration from his defeat

McGregor says he is excited by Rousey’s return to the octagon. I’m very excited. It’s good to finally see her back. I think loses can really affect you. It’s a crazy business we’re in, especially at the very high top. I hope she took inspiration on how I came back from my defeat and I […]

Alvarez will be ‘unconscious’

McGregor comments on his upcoming fight with Alvarez. I don’t think he poses any threat, I don’t believe that. He’s tough, he’s a tough kid…He’s got some good fights under his belt and good experience. So I’m expecting him to come in and fight with his heart. But I don’t see it going well for him. I […]

Tries VR

McGregor tries virtual reality for the first time. I feel like I want to run over there.

Mayweather ‘afraid of a fight’

In an interview with The LAD Bible, McGregor says Mayweather is afraid to fight (at 10m50s in video). Floyd’s afraid of a fight. Floyd doesn’t want the fight. Floyd wants a boxing match. And I’ve already said ‘No problem! Get my fucking money. And when you get my money then we can box, in this boxing […]

Will slap killer clowns

McGregor talks about the ‘killer clown’ craze. I’ve seen that, people dressing up as clowns, or something. [If I saw] some guy jumping out in a clown mask, I’d slap the head of him, pull the clown mask off him, and stick it up his ass. What the fuck even is that? Have people been […]

Tells Nevada ‘good luck’ collecting fine

McGregor says that he’s not planning on fighting in Nevada any time in the near future, and that he has no intentions of paying the $150,000 fine. If McGregor doesn’t pay his fine or complete his community service, he could face a hard time getting a license to fight again in the state but from the sound […]

Laughs at McGregor skit

After the Nevada Commission instructs McGregor to attend a media training sessions for the water bottle incident, Jay & Dan on Fox Sports show a skit to White: [Laughing] Anybody who thinks Conor McGregor needs media training is crazy. "If anybody thinks Conor McGregor needs media training, you're crazy." – @danawhite — FSLive: #JayAndDan (@foxsportslive) October […]

White: McGregor can’t hold both belts

White says McGregor will have to give up one of his belts if he beats Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205. If he wins, he’ll hold two belts. Then he’ll decide which one he wants to give back to me. He can’t hold both. He’ll have accomplished this. Then he’ll have to figure out which one he […]

Manager: Sparring KO is ‘BS’

Attar talks with Sonnen about McGregor’s alleged knockout during sparring. It’s BS. If you go to Coach John Kavanagh’s page, I love that he posted a picture of him wearing a unique looking hat, sand said ‘I want to believe,’ and it reminded me of Mork & Mindy. They are false and definitely not true.

Defends McGregor after fine

White says he supports McGregor after the Irishman was fined $150,000 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. If you threw a water bottle and got fined a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, would you fight there again? That guy could fight on an island off the coast of Peru and sell tickets. Las Vegas needs him, he doesn’t need […]

Will meet UFC bosses next week

Aldo will meet with UFC bosses next week to discuss his grievances with the company, and his desires to be released from his contract. [Dana White] can offer me anything. I started to get unmotivated back then, when I lost the belt. I was the champion for so long I had the right to get an immediate […]

White: Rousey to fight Cyborg on win

White says if Rousey wins her fight against Nunes, she will then face Justino. I know that Cyborg wants that fight. Ronda wants that fight too. Ronda’s plan right now is to come back and try to win her title back. If that happens, the Cyborg fight will definitely happen.

White: McGregor does not want to fight in Las Vegas

White says McGregor never wants to fight in Las Vegas again. Conor McGregor hit me and said, ‘I don’t ever want to fight in Nevada again. Ever.’ Now how does that make sense for the state of Nevada? That you’re gonna try fine this kid and Nate that much money. It just makes people not wanna come fight […]

McGregor ‘ain’t never gonna be the best’

Diaz lays into McGregor. He’s not [great], though. On paper, he’s not. Who are the 145-pound fighters who he beat up? Nobody good, in my opinion. Just a lot of commercials and advertising. How many black belts has he tapped out? When he was talking shit back-and-forth about fighting Floyd Mayweather…like, you have already lost […]

Claims he will fight Alvarez for title after McGregor defeat

Johnson says that if he beats Nurmagomedov — despite the Russian being the favorite — on November the 12th at Madison Square Garden will out him in line for a shot at the 155 lbs crown, but only if McGregor loses to Alvarez. I know I can’t make any mistakes against Khabib. I know I’m going to […]

‘People are f–king sleeping on Alvarez’

Rogan and Schaub say that Alvarez is being underrated. Rogan: I think people are fucking sleeping on Eddie Alvarez. I think he’s a dangerous, dangerous 155 lber. That motherf—er can punch. He punches hard, he’s fast as f–k and there’s not a human alive that’s more game than that kid. Conor is a God damn phenom. He’s got […]

Danis: ‘McGregor is going to knock Alvarez out cold’

Danis. McGregor’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trainer, talks about his relationship with McGregor. I’m here for him. We help each other. I wouldn’t say I’m just helping him because he also helps me a lot. My mind – everything. We’re a good tag-team, I think. He’s my brother from Ireland. I have my brothers back home in New […]

Denies McGregor sparring knockout

Kavanagh denies that McGregor was knocked out n sparring, and posts an Instagram as proof. Free tip – Just because its on the Internet doesn't mean its true 😂 — Coach Kavanagh (@John_Kavanagh) October 10, 2016 Great sparring today with @thenotoriousmma @dillondanis and Nikolay Grozdez. With almost 5 weeks to go I've never seen Conor […]

Rumor: Knocked out in sparring

TalkMMA claims McGregor was knocked out in sparring. I was told by someone close to SBG, McGregor was allegedly knocked out cold in sparring today; possible broken nose, shaky to his feet. — #Dizz © (@TalkMMA) October 10, 2016

‘I’ll beat McGregor’

After adding to his undefeated run, with a submission over Russell Doane in UFC 204, Bektic says he’s ready to take on McGregor. Post-fight I went over to Dana White and told him, ‘Give me some chicken. It’s my mom’s 50th birthday, and I just told him. Back in July last year, when [Chad] Mendes fought McGregor, before that fight […]

Mayweather: White not a fighter, underpays fighters

After White says that he never thought that there would be a McGregor-Mayweather fight: They seem to want the money, probably! But I don’t know how bad they actually want to make that a reality…I never thought it was gonna happen. Two totally different sports… Conor’s under contract with me. We can start with kicks, […]

Fined $150,000 for water bottle fight

The Nevada State Athletic Commission fines McGregor five-percent of his $3 million purse ($150,000) for the water bottle fight with Diaz inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in August. At least one security guard from the hotel was hit with a bottle or can that was thrown by McGregor. He was also fined 50 hours of community […]

Cruz: McGregor not most hated in UFC

Cruz refutes Cerrone’s statement that McGregor is the most hated man amongst the UFC fighters. I don’t base things on opinion – I base them on fact. And I don’t have a factual basis that everyone in the UFC hates the guy. I think what they’re upset at is the fact of how much money he’s […]