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Ben Affleck

Smokin’ Aces

12 Jan, 2007

Affleck plays bail bondsman Jack Dupree in the crime comedy directed by Joe Carnahan. A group of bail bondsmen trying to hunt down a crooked Las Vegas Strip magician collide with a group of assassins looking to collect a bounty placed on him by a mob boss. Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Keys, Common, Jason Bateman, Andy GarcĂ­a, and Ray Liotta co-star.

The whole week that I shot, I smoked, like, five packs a day. By the time the movie was over, I was so sick of smoking, I just didn’t want to do it anymore, and I quit. I have this celluloid record of the last time I smoked.

Smokin Aces – Official Trailer (HD) Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta