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25 Dec, 1977

Charlie Chaplin dies age 86


Chaplin dies of natural causes in his sleep at his home in Corsiersur-Vevey, Switzerland. Before going to sleep, a priest prays:

May the Lord have mercy on your soul

Chaplin responded with his last words:

Why not? After all, it belongs to him.

His wife and seven of their children are at his bedside when he dies. Lady Chaplin:

All the presents were under the tree. Charlie gave so much happiness and, although he had been ill for a long time, it is so sad that he should have passed away on Christmas day.

6 Apr, 1889

Charlie Chaplin born in Walworth, United Kingdom


Charles Spencer Chaplin is born into a poor London family of music hall entertainers, Hannah Chaplin and Charles Chaplin Sr. Even as a child he finds success as a performer. His father dies at age ten, and in the same time frame his mother falls ill.

My childhood was sad, but now I remember it with nostalgia, like a dream.

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