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Chris van Heerden is a South African professional boxer and the former IBO welterweight champion, born in Johannesburg in 1987

31 May, 2016

Van Heerden: McGregor will take Mayweather fight offer

Makes Statement

During his sparring sessions, Van Heerden asked McGregor about the chances of a fight with Mayweather actually manifesting.

He laughed about it and he said ‘Mayweather started it and I’m going with it. And everyone wants it, so if it’s there I’m going to take it’. So that’s all he said and we all had a laugh about it.

On a fight with Diaz:

I spoke to Conor and he is so positive. He actually said ‘You know what? If I get the rematch with Nate, I’m now more confident than ever that I will beat him. I know where I made my mistakes and it was in training camp. I will do better next time. I’m confident I will beat him’

4 Jul, 2016

The Mac Life channel launch video

Video appearance

McGregor releases This is the Mac Life, a video that launches, a new channel of McGregor-related videos. In this video he is show sparring with Van Heerden.

This is the first of a docu-style series I have created for my fans that will go out through my news channel The first video is a highlight of an intense sparring session I had in preparation for Nate Diaz and the possible future Floyd MayWeather fight. The series will be titled ‘This is The Mac Life’ and will give fans an in depth look at this crazy journey I am on. Witness the intense training, the luxuries, the sacrifice, the promotion and this entire Mac lifestyle first hand!

This is The Mac Life Conor McGregor sparring former IBO & IBF champion(Boxing vs MMA)




Van Heerden apologises to McGregor.

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