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Cliven Bundy

Doesn’t recognize US government

10 Apr, 2014

Bundy tells radio host Dana Loesch that he believes in the “sovereign state of Nevada,” but:

I don’t recognize the United States government as even existing. The federal government has seized Nevada’s sovereignty … they have seized Nevada’s laws and our public land. We have no access to our public land and that is only a little bit of it.

Bundy’s son Ryan tells¬†supporters that the government intends to assume absolute control over the ranch:

Right now it looks like the movie Red Dawn. Right now we’ve got 200 plus federal agents up there in a military compound that they have put together and they’ve got snipers … everybody’s armed, and they’ve been monitoring our ranch with high-tech surveillance equipment … it was never about the grazing fees, it’s about control.

Nevada Citizens Sick & Tired of Passive State Government