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31 May, 2013

Move into same building as Moore

Willis and Hemming move into the same building as Moore in New York City. Willis:

I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail.

25 Mar, 2009

Willis, Hemming marry

bruce wedding

Willis marries¬†Hemming on Parrot Cay,¬†in the Caribbean. Willis’ ex-wife Moore and her new husband Ashton Kutcher are guests, along with Willis’ daughters, Rumer, 20, Scout, 17, and Tallulah, 15. Willis comments before meeting Hemming:

I just haven’t met anybody yet that I want to have kids with. But that’s the good thing about being a guy – it doesn’t matter how old you are.

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