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24 Oct, 2016

Talks McGregor strategy

Alvarez says he made the McGregor fight happen.

I’m the one who made the Conor McGregor fight happen. He never had any intention of fighting me. Every time I said his name I didn’t get any response, I didn’t get anything. This is a guy who responds and talks shit to everyone, but every time I talked to the media and tried to drum up a fight or anything like that there’d be no response. So it was obvious that he really didn’t want this fight. It was only when I won the belt that they decided to get a crack at the belt. When I joined the UFC I fought the best guys in the division back-to-back-to-back, that was my strategy. I told the media I was tired of getting asked about Conor McGregor, so I told them I could use an easier fight and that’s why it happened.

And says he can handle the Irishman’s technique:

To me, he’s just a left hand. He’s just a guy with a left hand. That’s how I see him. He does something that we call a ‘rock back’ well. Mayweather does it. A lot of Philly fighters do it. He (McGregor) lives and breathes off it. A lot of MMA guys don’t know about these boxing things that they do. This is a move that’s very easily taken away and we’re going to dominate every step of the way. Without giving away a gameplan or anything, everything’s taken away with the proper preparation.


Real Madrid wants McGregor bout

Real Madrid says that the club would be happy to host to a McGregor headlined card at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, in Madrid. The club says  the event has to be hosted from May to July and that they would require a reasonable timeframe to plan in advance. The club hosted a Bruce Springsteen concert last year.

[We would be] glad if we could make a UFC event; our stadium can hold more than 80,000 fans.


Wants belt back

Dos Anjos says losing his belt taught him lessons both inside and outside of the cage.

I learned how people treat you when you have the belt and how they treat you when you don’t have it. From now on, I will keep the right people in my friendship circle.

On not being able to fight McGregor previously:

I wasn’t disappointed just because of the payday, I got disappointed because I didn’t fight due to injury. That was the first time this happen on my career. [I expect McGregor to beat Alvarez, but fighting McGregor] is not my goal, my goal is get my belt back. If he has the title and don’t want to hide it like he’s doing with the 145-pound title, I’ll be ready to take it back.


Compares McGregor to Austin, Ortiz

Cormier talks about McGregor, and compares him to Austin and Ortiz.

He is ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin from 2000. The guy that you’re supposed to kinda root against, but you want to root for. Everything that he does before would have gotten people to boo you. But it’s like they’ve taken to it. It’s something so different that what they’re used to seeing the people love it. I think it’s fine…Like I used to tell people when they used to ask about Tito Ortiz. I’m like you’re gonna pay to see the man fight because you want to see him either win, or you want to see him lose. He talks it and he backs it up. And Conor does the same thing. He’s working magic for the UFC.


Says McGregor can join WWE Cruiserweight division

Sheamus talks about the possibility of McGregor getting involved in pro wrestling.

As far as I know he’s still going to be fighting for a really long time. I mean there’s a Cruiserweight Division now, so maybe McGregor can join the Cruiserweight Division. But I really don’t know…it’s really up to him. He’s obviously got a lot of charisma, I don’t know…if Vince McMahon feels that there’s an opportunity to make money he’ll be here.


Rogan: McGregor a ‘once-ever kind of guy’

Rogan says no one come close to McGregor.

Well, Conor’s a special human; there’s not a lot of humans that come along in anyone’s generation that has that kind of impact in any sport. And it’s not just because of his ability to fight; it’s because of his mind, his charisma, his ability to articulate things. And also his ability to rise to the occasion when it matters most, like the Jose Aldo fight and the second fight with Nate Diaz…I mean he’s a special person and special people can move the needle in a way that no one else can. It takes a guy like Conor McGregor to sort of light the fires of people’s interests. You’re getting people who watch MMA specifically because of Conor McGregor; they might not know any of the other fighters, but they know who this fucking crazy Irishman is…You either have that or you don’t and Conor has it like no one I’ve ever seen. But all of that would mean nothing if he didn’t have the courage to take that Nate Diaz rematch and at the same weight..That win over Jose Aldo for the Featherweight title is the most spectacular win for a title in the history of the sport. Not just the fact that it was 13 seconds. He had fucked his mind up so hard, from the trash talking and mindfucking and stealing his belt at the press conference… he’s such a presence. By the time Aldo got in that cage he was fucked he looked so nervous and overwhelmed by the pressure of it and Conor fought perfectly. He was so loose and so relaxed and slid backward out of the range of Aldo’s attack and just planted that left hand on him. It was a flawless victory, literally a flawless victory.


‘Danis is an animal’

McGregor talks about his jiu-jitsu training partner.

This is a different part of the game also. We’ve been in here, we’ve been fighting him, we haven’t been slacking off on him, we’ve been putting him into uncomfortable situations as well. Fighters come from a grappling base and not many at all adjust to a full fight, to a free fight, and I think that’s because of the preparations. You start adding blows into the equation, you start adding elbows, knees, all of a sudden everything changes in the game, so we’ve been putting him in this uncomfortable situations. He’s only young, he’s only 22, 23, but he’s a big boy. The boy is an animal, and when the boy switches it on, he switches it on…If he wants to do MMA, I’ll more than happily guide him in that path. I’ve helped many before him and I’ll help many after him climb the ranks.


Responds to nude photo hackers

leslie jonesIn a Weekend Update Segment on SNL, Jones says she is unfazed by the nude photo leak in August.

At a certain point you stop being embarrassed and start being you. All they did was release some nude pics of me – which is nothing, because, I don’t know if you all know this about me, but I ain’t shy. I am very comfortable with who I am. I am an open book…Do you think some words on the internet can hurt me? I once had a crazy bitch try to beat me with a shovel at a bus stop because I took her spot on the bench. At a certain point you stop being embarrassed and start being you. And I have been me for 49 years. The only person who can hack me is me. And my firewall is a crazy bitch with a shovel.


Predicts bank exit over Brexit

Multiple banks predict their departure from the UK, citing new legal restrictions on their right to serve UK customers. The British Banker’s Association states:

Banking is probably more affected by Brexit than any other sector of the economy, both in the degree of impact and the scale of the implications. It is the UK’s biggest export industry by far and is more internationally mobile than most. But it also gets its rules and legal rights to serve its customers cross-border from the EU. For banks, Brexit does not simply mean additional tariffs being imposed on trade – as is likely to be the case with other sectors. It is about whether banks have the legal right to provide services.

22 Oct, 2016

Calls McGregor a ‘cry baby’

Mousai continues to comment on his Twitter exchange with McGregor.

I think his butt was hurt. He was sending me some messages. I don’t know what the crap he was talking about. I said to him, what’s he going to do about the 50 kilos (weight difference). He was being smart or I don’t know what the fuck he was thinking. He was lighter than a pound and he can cut ear to ear. I don’t know, maybe he was saying ‘wait, I can beat you,’ but that’s retarded. If he wants to fight just say, ‘Next time I fight you.’ Don’t come and be philosophical about it. The guy has too much time.

He then criticizes McGregor’s body art:

The guy says something about everybody, but as soon as you say something about him he’s a cry baby. What the fuck? I think the fame got to his head. If you put a tiger and a gorilla and your name on your chest and belly, you’re retarded. Come on, that’s not normal behaviour. He’s full of himself. He can go fuck himself…If Mike Tyson talks big, he’s an intimidating guy, but when you’re Conor McGregor, the ginger… I don’t know what the fuck he is, in that weight class he talks like a heavyweight…I don’t know what the fuck he’s thinking…It’s ok to promote fights, but you can overdo it. He has no class. He would do anything for a little bit of money, probably he’s a prostitute. I don’t know what the fuck he is. It doesn’t work like that. He can have a big mouth, but when he’s man-to-man with me alone, he’s not going to talk like that.

Fight Society Podcast: Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson and Gegard Mousasi (10/20/16)


Ridicules McGregor bike training

In response to the picture of McGregor training on a bike…

Alvarez tweets:


Ignores Nobel committee

Dylan is reportedly ignoring his Nobel Prize in Literature, resisting all of the Nobel committee’s attempts to reach him. Some members of the Nobel committee find this behavior arrogant, others accept it as characteristic of Dylan. Academy member:

He is who he is. We were aware that he can be difficult and that he does not like appearances when he stands alone on the stage.


Criticizes Michelle Obama’s Clinton support

Trump criticizes Obama for her support of Clinton, drawing attention to comments she made in 2008 that were critical of Clinton.

I see how much [Michelle Obama] likes Hillary. But wasn’t she the one that originally started the statement, ‘If you can’t take care of your home,’ right? ‘You can’t take care of the White House or the country?’ Where’s that? I don’t hear that. I don’t hear that.

The Obama campaign says the line, “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House,” was not directed at the Clintons and instead referred to their own struggle with parenting during a campaign.

Trump goes after Michelle Obama for backing Hillary Clinton

21 Oct, 2016

Targets McGregor

Choi says he has his sights set on McGregor.

It’s what everyone is talking about and what everyone wants to know about. I want to be the UFC’s first Asian world champion and if that means I have to fight Conor McGregor, then that’s what I will have to do. I will be ready if that happens, as I always am. He’s a great fighter. Like me, he is a real student of mixed martial arts. But I am confident I can beat anyone. Look at the tapes and you’ll know that’s true…There are many great fighters around the world but you have to study this sport as hard as a doctor studies his career. That makes the difference. You can see than in Conor McGregor, too, just as you can in me. We are different personalities, but we have the same philosophy.


‘Creepy clown’ not happy with McGregor’s threat

A professional ‘creepy clown’ challenges McGregor to visit his scare house following his threat to “slap the head off him”.

I believe you’re trying to beat the head of me and shove my mask up my ass – well I dare you to come to The Asylum where we will frighten the shite out of you. Fifteen minutes with me and you’ll be wanting a nappy… You’ll be going back to your mammy crying. This isn’t Las Vegas. This is Bruff, where the crows fell off the trees with the hunger. I’ll tell you, you won’t threaten me again.

Asylum Clown not happy with Conor McGregor


Koeman: Barkley snub a ‘wake-up call’

Koeman says Barkley’s omission against Manchester City should act as a “wake-up call.” Barkley, who has already lost his place in the England squad, was an unused substitute in the game.

He was okay, very disappointed but you need to be disappointed if you don’t start. In my opinion it was the best lineup to have the best chance at Manchester City last week. If I am not totally happy or it’s a tactical question then he doesn’t start. I still believe in his qualities but maybe its a good wake-up call for him last weekend. He is already playing four years in the first team. You are not any more ‘a talent.’ That means you need to show more and improve.



Tells UFC fighters to stop moaning

14724472_1321879907844885_5329816291820377698_nMcGregor comments on the fighters like Aldo, who are complaining about their treatment by UFC.

Tell me one time that crying and moaning, tell me one time that’s good for progression. It’s not. Where would you be if I wasn’t here? Be grateful that you’re even in the conversation. Keep your head down, keep working, stay focused, stay positive, that’s the way to go forward. Not crying, moaning, complaining. I can’t engage in that. I wish them well, but I’m on something different here.


Won’t censor Trump despite employee protest

Zuckerberg decides not to censor Trump’s posts on Facebook, despite employees petitioning for the removal of posts as ‘hate speech’. The decision has prompted employees across the company to complain on Facebook’s internal messaging service and in person to Zuckerberg and other managers that it was bending the site’s rules for Trump. Some employees who review content on Facebook threatened to quit. Facebook:

In the weeks ahead, we’re going to begin allowing more items that people find newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest—even if they might otherwise violate our standards.

Trump campaign:

Facebook has never contacted us about employee complaints and has never removed a post. We are not concerned about the liberal Clinton elites who are so intolerant of conservative ideas that they would seek to censor the Trump campaign’s enormously successful Facebook engagement.

20 Oct, 2016

Says McGregor’s ‘spirit’ is missing

Alvarez says McGregor is missing ‘spirit’.

Stylistically it’s my fight to win. I won’t say it’s easy, especially against a guy who has the crowd like that on his side, but I’m going to get this job done and I’m going to get it done violently and quickly. Technically, I think Conor’s a good fighter,” Alvarez admitted. “He probably does a lot of drills so technically he’s sound, but for me, fighting after a certain point, technique doesn’t matter in a championship fight. It comes down to will, it comes down to spirit and your willingness to win the fight. I think that’s the main ingredient to what makes a champion and I think that’s what he’s missing…I honestly feel that’s what he’s missing. He’s very technical, he’s a clean good fighter for a round, round and a half, but when you get deeper into a fight we’ve all seen him in moments of adversity and it doesn’t look good to me–it doesn’t look like championship caliber.


Venue, date, undercard announced

The WBA announces that Frampton will defend his WBA featherweight title for the first time against former holder Santa Cruz on January 28, 2017, in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena. Both the Barclays Centre in New York and the MGM had been placed on hold, with Vegas eventually winning out. The headline fight will be supported by a lightweight title fight between champion Dejan Zlaticanin and Mikey Garcia.


Limbaugh: Media wants Trump to admit defeat

Limbaugh claims that the American media has been attempting to force Donald Trump to concede defeat to Hillary Clinton.

They wanted Donald Trump to concede defeat just like they wanted the Republicans to take impeachment off the table, which they did, last night, everybody wanted Trump to admit that he had lost the election last night.

Oct 2016

Marotta: We didn’t have to sell Pogba to Man U

Marotta claims Juventus would have signed Higuain for £75.3m even if they had blocked Pogba from joining Manchester United for £89million.

I know [Napoli President] Aurelio [De Laurentiis] well. He is a passionate man and with Higuain there was a lot of controversy surrounding his move to Juventus. It’s not true, though, that this move was closely linked to Paul Pogba’s departure.We could have done the deal and still retained him, because in the past five years under the management of Andrea Agnelli our turnover has more than doubled, and we have considerable muscle if we want to buy new players.


19 Oct, 2016

Wants ‘historic’ images of two belts

McGregor says he would like to have a moment with his belts if he wins against Alvarez.

Let me go onto the side of that Octagon and raise two world titles, what’s never been done before, before talking about stripping me. Let me get the f-cking things, let me do it…let me embrace it for half-a-day…That’s what everyone should be excited about, this is history. Everyone wants to see you do good, but not better than them. That’s what’s happening here. I’m just looking forward to raising the belts, and doing what has not been done before. Don’t be trying to take away the historic moment before I’ve even experienced it.


Silva: McGregor fears Aldo

Silva says McGregor fears Aldo, and that Aldo should not leave UFC.

McGregor fears Aldo, which is understandable. I would be scared, too. Aldo is hands down the best fighter in the division and you can’t just mess with someone like that. When you mess with a fighter like that, it’s not about the money anymore. My dad used to say you don’t mess with a man. So don’t mess with Aldo. If you want his fans and his show, you need to respect him and not make empty promises…But if I could give Aldo a piece of advice today, it would be for him to calm down and think about his fans. He’s still very young and has 10, 12 fights left in him and he can’t leave his fans, like me, without that fight and many others he can still have. Besides, he can still bring a lot of joy to our country.

18 Oct, 2016

Talks about diet

McGregor talks about his diet.

My diet is usually pretty consistent whether I’m training for a specific fight or not. I don’t like to mess too much with it. I try to eat healthy all the time. I don’t eat takeaways. I drink mostly water or coconut water. It’s important to stay hydrated — first thing I do in the morning is stretch and drink water. I eat good meat — chicken, salmon, some steak — and a lot of quality greens and some fruits like bananas. I eat eggs — an omelette with my Americano for a late breakfast or brunch. I don’t eat a lot of carbs — if I do it’s something like sweet potatoes. Getting enough protein is important when I train, to help build muscle and recover, so I’ll supplement with protein shakes. The new SYNTHA-6 EDGE from BSN works for me because it gives me a load of protein, but without a bunch of carbs or fat. I joke about it, but it’s good for my raging sweet tooth. If I could bust out and eat anything…if I ever stop fighting, I could put on some serious weight with sweets. In general, I like the healthy stuff and don’t really have a problem with any of it.

17 Oct, 2016

Calls McGregor a ‘retarded ginger’

Mousasi gives more detail on the tweets that he claims McGregor sent him.

That ginger is f–king retarded. I think, you know, in an interview I mentioned about respect or whatever. He texted me on Twitter. So I said, ‘what are you going to do with your 50 kilos?’ You know he was like being philosophical or whatever the f–k he was writing. Something like, ‘a knife is lighter than a pound. It will cut ear to ear’. Whatever the f–k he was writing. That guy is a bum. He’s a 60-kilo guy. What the f–k is he going to do. If he’s face to face he’s not going to say that. You know Twitter gives some people courage.

When asked if it was definitely McGregor:

Yeah it was him. It came from his official (Twitter) account.


‘It’s my fight to win’

Alvarez talks about McGregor’s weaknesses.

It’s my fight to win. I won’t say it’s easy, especially against a guy who has the crowd like that on his side, but I’m going to get this job done and I’m going to get it done violently and quickly. Technically, I think Conor’s a good fighter. He probably does a lot of drills so technically he’s sound, but for me, fighting after a certain point, technique doesn’t matter in a championship fight. It comes down to will, it comes down to spirit and your willingness to win the fight. I think that’s the main ingredient to what makes a champion and I think that’s what he’s missing…He’s very technical, he’s a clean good fighter for a round, round and a half, but when you get deeper into a fight we’ve all seen him in moments of adversity and it doesn’t look good to me – it doesn’t look like championship calibre. It doesn’t look like someone who’s willing to take a beating and get on that stool and come back out and give it back to the guy.

16 Oct, 2016

Says post-UFC 205 announcement ‘is going to be big’

McGregor confirms he will make a major announcement after his upcoming UFC 205 fight with Eddie Alvarez. McGregor says the announcement will come at UFC 205, potentially during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. It’s always positive with me. So all I’ll say is tune in.

Buy the pay-per-view and stay tuned,. Don’t blink. It’s going to be big.


Stopped McGregor signing a bad deal before UFC debut

Kavanagh says that a couple of months before McGregor joined the UFC, someone tried to sign him as his manager to a very restrictive deal.

That would have cost him around 20-25% of his earnings in return for something like €1,000 a month. Conor was rushing to sign it, saying: ‘I’m getting a thousand euros for doin nuthin!’ I begged him not to sign – I literally ripped the deal away from him – and to this day I bring it up every now and again: ‘Do you remember that?’ Because Conor will still get a contract, flick straight to the end, and look at the number without knowing what he’s committing to…He was on the dole, earning €100 a fight and training at the height of winter in a cold gym. His annual earnings for that five-year period was something like €1,500 a year! There was no money. Now it’s a 10-car cavalcade wherever we go, but back then there was just the two of us.

Shortly after, McGregor earned a €60,000 fight bonus for his first round finish of Marcus Brimage, and is now the highest paid UFC athlete.


Kavanagh ‘beat the shit out of’ McGregor

Kavanagh talks about the first time McGregor came to his gym.

Well, it was supposed to be a spar, but it was a fight. Owen [Reddy] was the top dog back then and the new guy [McGregor] wanted to test himself…Owen had been with me a long time — he was my boy — but this new kid moved in a certain way. He was a southpaw, a good boxer and he just had a way about him that made you go: ‘What’s going to happen here?’ And he caught Owen with a good shot and put him down. [And then he floored Aisling Daly], which sounds worse than it was. He wasn’t hitting her in the head or anything, but just happened to throw a body shot that hit her in the sweet spot, the solar plexus, and put her down…I got a little emotional because Ash had been with me a long time and the other guys would look after her. But this new guy had come in and put her down, and my protective nature kicked in. I was still fighting at that stage, or hadn’t stopped that long, so I put the gloves on… actually, he has corrected me on that and says it was bare knuckles. But I held him down and beat the shit out of him, without putting too fine a point on it… I kept hitting him in the body until he couldn’t breathe and then I looked at him: ‘What’s it going to be? We can train or we can fight?’ And he was OK from the next day.


Talks about Ronaldo at J-Lo’s party

Kavanagh talks about going to J-Lo’s party with McGregor and Ronaldo. When McGregor was taken away by Lopez for a dance, Ronaldo questioned the coach.

Ronaldo comes over and tells me that he reads everything I write and follows me on Instagram. I’m thinking ‘Wait until I tell my dad about this’…[Even though I moved to another part of the party] he kept coming over, and then he would drift away, and then I’d be in another part [of the house] and he’d come over again…This guy is just like Conor. Just a one-track mind, no interest in anything else. Civilians would call them obsessed or say there was something wrong with them, but you can’t get to that level unless you have that personality.


Commission: Fine only $75,000

Bennett, the Executive Director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, says McGregor’s $150,000 fine has been misinterpreted, and that he will only pay $75,000 for the water bottle incident. The $150,000 number includes the $75,000 fine plus the value of a public-service announcement McGregor must do for the commission. McGregor also has to serve 50 hours of community service.

It appears the media and others got it wrong…I understand that he’s upset. I understand that he commands a phenomenal following and paydays and he’s a world-renowned champ. I get that he’s frustrated — $75,000 is a lot of money. But I think the remark is inappropriate. In fairness to Conor — and I say this with the utmost respect — I just don’t think he understands how the system works when he’s fined. [McGregor] wasn’t suspended, nor were people in either fighter’s camp that participated in this…I’ll be the first to say that we’ve got it right sometimes and we haven’t gotten it right other times. When we don’t, we want to right the wrong.

15 Oct, 2016

Predicts UFC 205 pay-per-view record

McGregor predicts UFC 205 will break PPV records:

I feel it will break the 2-million mark. That’s what I’d like, and then go from there…[It will break the record] 100 percent – I think the money is there. For UFC 202, they backed it with no money. UFC 200 is where the advertising dollars went. UFC 202 was worth double what they spent in advertising dollars. UFC 202 broke the pay-per-view record with very little push. A very, very weak undercard. Now you have me, you have New York, you have history and you have many factors. They’re pushing the advertising dollars on it.


Will slap killer clowns

McGregor talks about the ‘killer clown’ craze.

I’ve seen that, people dressing up as clowns, or something. [If I saw] some guy jumping out in a clown mask, I’d slap the head of him, pull the clown mask off him, and stick it up his ass. What the fuck even is that? Have people been killed? You heard like maybe there’s been stabbing. It’s fuked up. Just don’t come near me in a clown suit. In fact, just don’t come near me period. If you’re in a clown suit I’ll slap you even more so.


Hopes Rousey took inspiration from his defeat

McGregor says he is excited by Rousey’s return to the octagon.

I’m very excited. It’s good to finally see her back. I think loses can really affect you. It’s a crazy business we’re in, especially at the very high top. I hope she took inspiration on how I came back from my defeat and I wish her all the best. She’s fighting a solid competitor.


Alvarez will be ‘unconscious’

McGregor comments on his upcoming fight with Alvarez.

I don’t think he poses any threat, I don’t believe that. He’s tough, he’s a tough kid…He’s got some good fights under his belt and good experience. So I’m expecting him to come in and fight with his heart. But I don’t see it going well for him. I feel he will be unconscious.


White: McGregor can’t hold both belts

White says McGregor will have to give up one of his belts if he beats Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205.

If he wins, he’ll hold two belts. Then he’ll decide which one he wants to give back to me. He can’t hold both. He’ll have accomplished this. Then he’ll have to figure out which one he wants to give up. He can’t hold up two divisions.

Dana White talks Ronda Rousey's return, whether or not she'll ever fight Cyborg – 'UFC Tonight'

13 Oct, 2016

Manager: Sparring KO is ‘BS’

Attar talks with Sonnen about McGregor’s alleged knockout during sparring.

It’s BS. If you go to Coach John Kavanagh’s page, I love that he posted a picture of him wearing a unique looking hat, sand said ‘I want to believe,’ and it reminded me of Mork & Mindy. They are false and definitely not true.

Chael Sonnen speaks to Conor McGregor Sports Management about Conor getting KO'd in training


Defends McGregor after fine

White says he supports McGregor after the Irishman was fined $150,000 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

If you threw a water bottle and got fined a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, would you fight there again? That guy could fight on an island off the coast of Peru and sell tickets. Las Vegas needs him, he doesn’t need Las Vegas…A hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a water bottle? That’s crazy.

Dana White — McGregor Fine Is Insane

12 Oct, 2016

Will meet UFC bosses next week

Aldo will meet with UFC bosses next week to discuss his grievances with the company, and his desires to be released from his contract.

[Dana White] can offer me anything. I started to get unmotivated back then, when I lost the belt. I was the champion for so long I had the right to get an immediate rematch and they didn’t give it to me, and I wanted to walk in a different direction but ‘Dede’ [Aldo’s coach: Pederneiras] made me fight again. I went there, fought and won, and again [the McGregor fight] didn’t come. I have no desire to fight again. I don’t have any excitement to fight anymore. I have other projects in my life. I wanted to retire as champion and I’m the champion today. I want to follow another path. If they release me, that would be great, but if not, what can we do? I have other projects and that depends on this meeting we’re having with them. If I want to retire, no contract can stop me. I can go there and say [I’m retired] and they can’t force me to fight. A lawyer already looked at the contract, but I don’t want to fight. I don’t want anything.


White: McGregor does not want to fight in Las Vegas

White says McGregor never wants to fight in Las Vegas again.

Conor McGregor hit me and said, ‘I don’t ever want to fight in Nevada again. Ever.’ Now how does that make sense for the state of Nevada? That you’re gonna try fine this kid and Nate that much money. It just makes people not wanna come fight in our state. And that’s not a good thing. And, guess what? Conor McGregor doesn’t need Nevada. He can fight anywhere. He could fight in Iowa. We could put his fight on an island off the coast of anywhere. It just makes no sense for the state. It’s just terrible.


McGregor ‘ain’t never gonna be the best’

Diaz lays into McGregor.

He’s not [great], though. On paper, he’s not. Who are the 145-pound fighters who he beat up? Nobody good, in my opinion. Just a lot of commercials and advertising. How many black belts has he tapped out? When he was talking shit back-and-forth about fighting Floyd Mayweather…like, you have already lost to two guys who are not on a legitimate level. That just tells me, look, you ain’t ever going to be the best. You already lost to two f-cking guineas. I ain’t ever losing to somebody who lost to some f-cking little Irish land guineas. That’s fact, that’s on paper. And in gym, you can see what kind of work he has put in. He ain’t working with nobody — he ain’t working with no black belts. Has no legitimate trainer.

Nick Diaz talks SHIT about Conor McGregor!