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24 Dec, 2016

White: McGregor will ‘kick Mayweather’s ass’

White comments on Mayweather’s recent videos criticizing and calling out McGregor.

Floyd’s about this tall (points towards the ground), his hands are like peanut brittle, he has to wrap them a million times so he doesn’t break his hands. Floyd better hope he don’t run into Conor on the street. Let me tell you what, not only will Conor kick his ass, he’ll kick the (expletive) out of everyone of his security guards, too. I would love to be there when Floyd tries to slap Conor McGregor. I promise you, Floyd, you will never try to walk up and slap Conor McGregor and you know it, too…Let me tell you what, that fight will happen before Floyd walks up and tries to slap Conor, I promise you that, too. He’ll kick his head to another planet and then he’ll murder every one of his security guards…I don’t take away from what Floyd’s accomplished in boxing, but he’s stepping way over thinking he’s going to slap Conor. It’s hilarious.

Dana White Blasts Floyd Mayweather … Conor Would Kill Your Tiny, Fragile Ass | TMZ Sports

23 Dec, 2016

White: McGregor-Nurmagomedov fight could be next

White says McGregor and Nurmagomedov could be the next lightweight fight. Currently, Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson are in discussions to fight for the interim lightweight title in McGregor’s absence, but nothing is official yet.

We’re focused very heavily on Russia right now. First of all, there’s tons of talent coming out of Russia, and a lot of fans. There’s a fighter named Khabib who’s from Russia, and he’s insanely popular. The next fight could be Conor vs. Khabib.


Khan ‘willing to set aside friendship’ to fight McGregor

As he announces the launch of a new MMA league in Britain, Khan says he is willing to fight McGregor in MMA.

MMA is big and getting bigger. Fighters like Conor McGregor are making a lot of noise. MMA is hitting some high numbers on pay per view. I am always going to be involved in boxing but to have my foot in the door with MMA is brilliant…McGregor is a massive name in MMA and I’m a big name in boxing, so, globally, I think it would be a massive fight.


Kavanagh: It’s bizarre the new UFC owners haven’t called McGregor

Kavanagh says it’s bizarre that the new owners of UFC haven’t contacted McGregor yet.

He made it clear after his last fight that he’s keen to talk business with the UFC’s new owners,” he said. “I find it utterly bizarre that they’ve yet to make contact. Maybe they’re spending their time trying to get a solid framework in place. I’m not sure. It was much simpler in the old days in dealing with just Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. Now you’re almost wondering if you have to ring Mark Wahlberg or one of the other investors. Maybe Conan O’Brien is the new matchmaker. Who knows? These are strange, but interesting, times. We’ll have to see how this plays out. Certainly as the most valuable athlete on the UFC roster, you would think that he’d be heavily involved in these things but that hasn’t been the case yet.


White: McGregor should buy UFC equity

White says McGregor could receive equity from the UFC, but thinks the Irishman should simply buy his own.

I think anything is possible. A lot of people bought into equity. Conor’s got enough money to buy a piece. If Conor really wants to come in, come on in. A lot of people put their money up and bought in.


White: McGregor is the definition of ‘pound-for-pound’ fighter

White says McGregor is underrated as a pound-for-pound fighter.

Conor is a very talented fighter, he’s very, very good. Every time he goes out there, he looks better. And when you talk about the pound-for-pound, they don’t have Conor McGregor as the pound-for-pound. The media does the ratings. When you talk about what the pound-for-pound really means, how is it not Conor McGregor? The guy was the ’45-pound champion, ’55-pound champion, and beat a guy at 170. That’s what pound-for-pound really means.

Dana White Discusses UFC History, Rousey's Return, Conor McGregor, & Trump's Credibility

22 Dec, 2016

Mir: McGregor ‘wouldn’t last even a round’ with Nurmagomedov

Mir, a former two-time UFC heavyweight champion, says that the Russian MMA market is different to the USA, to McGregor’s benefit.

In the US a lot of people are more interested in the story behind what’s going on rather than what the fight is. I just think they watch the fight to see the result at the end. It’s an afterthought more than it is a primary drive, whereas you go to other places, especially like Russia where fighting is actually a passion not necessarily just ‘who-hates-who’. That’s why Conor McGregor does so well. He’s a good fighter but let’s face it: if Khabib [Nurmagomedov] and him face off, I wouldn’t bet on Conor to last even past a round. But he makes more money than Khabib because he has such a great mouth…Khabib has stayed true to his character, he’s a softly-spoken guy and I think he does all his talking with his fists and he’s not getting title shots and he’s not getting talked about in the US media as much. A guy who is 24-0, amongst the fighters we know he’s probably the best guy really in the world at lightweight. I don’t think anybody questions his ability to destroy guys and how powerful he is. But ESPN isn’t knocking his door down to give him interviews and he’s not doing commercials, Conor is…Conor’s making millions of dollars fighting and so I think Khabib now sees that and realizes he needs to start talking more. And here, he goes out and destroys Michael Johnson in his last fight [and] made him look like he shouldn’t even be in the top ten.


White: McGregor-Mayweather fight will ‘never happen’

White says McGregor and Mayweather will not fight.

Well there’s a lot of talk going on about this now. But let’s look at it this way. If they really fought, it would be ugly. It would be ugly for Floyd. Conor has more weapons and tools than Floyd Mayweather does…If they were to box, look at Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather. It was a fight that everyone wanted to see for years.  It took almost 10 years to make that fight and they are the same sport.  There’s no way this fight would ever happen.

21 Dec, 2016

Woodley: McGregor almost ‘brought out the Ferguson in me’

Woodley says McGregor’s backstage confrontation with him at UFC 205 brought out memories of his hometown of Ferguson.

When he got in my face and I looked at him I said, ‘what’s up?’ At that moment he realized I ain’t that dude. I’m really about that life. I’m really from that life. My family is from that life. I’m actually one of the sharper tools in the box that haven’t been in the streets like that but I have family members, close loved ones, that that’s all they know. So I’ve been around that a lot and I try not to take myself back to those dark areas, I try to stay sophisticated, stay professional but a few people can take you out of that element and bring that Ferguson back out of you and he almost did it.

And urges McGregor to bring it on:

if Conor want it he can get it. He knows how to get in touch with Dana [White], he knows how to get the contract set, and he really don’t want to fight. I’m not saying he should want to fight because I’m not a little dude. I ain’t Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz is not a welterweight. He did not do well at welterweight because he was undersized and these dudes are real gorillas in this weight class…When you come up to this weight brother, it’s real power, it’s real people that will put real hands on you, that’ll put you down to the canvas and you will not get up unless I let you up.

Tyron Woodley The Champ Life ep. 1


Aldo expects interim lightweight title fight, wants McGregor rematch

Despite being current featherweight champion, Aldo says he expects his next fight to be for the interim lightweight after Max Holloway refused to fight him at UFC 208.

No, the Brooklyn fight is not happening. I now expect and believe I will be fighting in early March. Either March 3 or March 4, I can’t remember. I believe they will soon announce an interim lightweight title fight with me. They’ve been trying to find me an opponent, and surprise, surprise at least one has already turned down the fight against me. I’m waiting to see who they will find.

He says he will go after McGregor in the lightweight division.

I’m flexible about my opponent. I even said, ‘Why don’t I go up in weight class and fight the No. 1 or No. 2 contender and start setting up a rematch with McGregor?’ There was some enthusiasm for that idea, but my understanding is, some fighters turned down that fight.


Aldo: McGregor is ‘two faced’, ‘a clown’

In an interview with Helwani, Aldo talks about McGregor’s claim to be the real featherweight champ.

First of all, I never stopped being the champion. When I lost to Conor, he should have rematched me right away. Like I’ve always said and done, the champion is the guy who defends the belt against all challengers. Guys who run from title defenses are not champions. All Conor did was he beat the champion. But he never did what he had to do to become the champion. He’s never been the champion of the featherweight division…He’s two-faced. He says a lot of stuff to the press, but behind-the-scenes, he turns down fights left and right. He picks opponents, he picks events. He’s not willing to face challengers the way a champion should be ready to face challengers. That’s not a true champion. He spent a year without defending the belt, so his math doesn’t add up when he says, I was the champion for less than 12 months. He wasn’t the champion at all. He never defended the belt. He wanted to stall an entire division. That’s not being a champion. I’ve never seen Conor as the featherweight champion. He’s not the champion now. I’ve never stopped being the featherweight champion. I went to bed one night believing the UFC was going to announce my rematch with Conor McGregor and I woke up to read the news that they booked Eddie Alvarez instead. My conversations with the UFC were, ‘It’s happening. We’re booking it.’ And then literally overnight something changed without my participation. The bottom line is, Conor doesn’t want to fight me. There’s nothing else I can do. I don’t think there’s anything else the UFC can do. If he keeps saying no and keeps running away, he’s going to keep running away. He’s a clown.


Danis challenges Jones to grappling bout

Appearing to test a move into MMA from jiu-jitsu, Danis calls out Jones pure grappling skills.

He wants to step into my realm, but he doesn’t understand. I would play with him. My jiu-jitsu is a different level. Let’s be honest, Dan [Henderson] is about 45-years old and has two submissions out of 47 fights, but [Jones’ performance] was OK, I guess…He’ll need to beg me. I don’t show up for just anybody.

20 Dec, 2016

Holm: McGregor’s self-belief drives success

Holm says McGregor’s success comes from his self belief.

I think he’s great… a lot of people are like ‘well, he’s never gone the distance’ or ‘well, he’s never been with a wrestler’, or ‘well, he’s never been with this person who hits this hard’. He’s been put in some bad spots and we’ve seen his vulnerabilities but I think that you have to have ability to be able to actually succeed in a lot of these things. It is mostly mental, if you believe in yourself you’re going to perform well. He does believe in himself, he does believe that he’s capable and that is one of the biggest parts to his game – but, if he didn’t have any skill to back it up he wouldn’t be just making it off his mouth.

Holly Holm Talks Losing, Ronda, and UFC 208 with Rosenberg!

19 Dec, 2016

Healy-Rae: McGregor deserves SOTY award

Healy-Rae, the Independent TD (MP) for Kerry South, says McGregor “truly deserves” the award of Sportsperson of the Year.

Looking at Conor’s background, a young man who was on the dole that worked every day and night putting in endless hours to reach where he is today. He is one of the best athletes that we have in Ireland and he should be acknowledged by us here in Ireland for that. He has overcome all the doubters that said he couldn’t do it, some people in Ireland thought he was a flash in the pan but again proved everyone wrong. He truly does deserve Sportsperson of the year. I have seen over the weekend a lot of negative comments on Social Media about Conor winning this award but instead of people trying to put down Conor McGregor we should be extremely proud of what he has achieved on the world stage, he has done more than any other Irish fighter ever has on the world stage and I am glad to see that acknowledge by RTÉ. I have no doubt that Conor McGregor will go on to break further records in 2017 and I hope that we get to see him fight in Croke Park in the coming year.


Stolen McGregor painting spotted on a bus

The artist says he received a message on from someone who said they recalled seeing someone on a bus with what looked like the stolen McGregor painting. The man was “implying he had just bought it” and allegedly “showed the painting to the whole upper deck”.


Holloway responds to McGregor ‘destroyed’ comment

In response to McGregor’s comment, at RTE’s Sportsperson of the Year awards, that he destroyed his opponents

I’m still the two-weight world champion. Make no mistake about that. They can say what they want. They can try to get phoney belts and hand them out to people that I’ve already destroyed.

Holloway says:

18 Dec, 2016

McGregor: ‘I don’t know what the UFC’s plan is’

McGregor says he is weighing up his options regarding his dealings with UFC. His only contact with the organization has been through the news he’s received through the media saying he’s been stripped of his featherweight title.

I’m weighing up my options. Again, I expect that conversation, I expect them to fly that jet to me. Ari (Emanuel), Patrick (Whitesell), the new owners from WME-IMG, the guys that bought the UFC for $4 billion, I want to speak to them…I want to see what their plan is cause right now I don’t know what anybody’s plan is. All I know is they’re trying to type onto a keyboard and say we’re taking this belt and we’re taking that belt, we’re doing this, we’re doing that — you ain’t doing nothing without contacting me first. I’m ready for anything. I did say I was going to take a break but a Christmas break, the holidays. At least give me the holidays off. We’ll see what happens in the future.

17 Dec, 2016

May fight before baby is born

McGregor says he may fight before his baby is born.

As far as I break, I don’t know. I know Dana has been on record, he’s saying ‘10 months, he’s taking 10 months’, I don’t know. Originally I thought the baby was being born in March and then it was May so maybe I could get in another [contest]. I just don’t know. I’m weighing up my options.

16 Dec, 2016

Mayweather to Diaz: I’ll ‘put the finishing touches’ on McGregor

In a telephone call, Mayweather tells Diaz that he has the support of “The Money Team” and offer to “put something on his trunks” before talking about McGregor. Diaz:

I thought I won that second fight too. He’s trying to hide from me now.


Hey, Nate, tell me what I gotta do. Do I gotta? That boy is … aw, man. I see what you did to him, now. I’m gonna put the finishing touches on him.



Diesel: McGregor left xXx to ‘get his manhood back’

Diesel says that he wanted McGregor for xXx: The return of Xander Cage, based on his “English” accent. McGregor left the project to concentrate on his rematch with Nate Diaz.

I wanted to have an English accent in the movie. I had created a role for Conor McGregor and after he lost to Nate Diaz, he had to go to a dark place, he had to go get his manhood back to fight the second time, so he wasn’t able to do this film at the time…I wanted this English accent to be speckled in the movie. But I also wanted someone that could do fight sequences. A lot of the UFC guys do great fight sequences in movies. You saw when I put Gina Carano in 6, and Ronda Rousey in 7. I had great experiences when putting UFC fighters in the movie, so I wanted someone that had that English accent, they talk like this, and I got Michael Bisping to come and do that.


Sends Christmas message to sick fan

Johnson sends a Christmas message to Tommy Hanley, an Irish boy who has Stage 4 cancer.


Talks about Drake’s streaming success

Carter comments on Drake’s One Dance feat. WizKid and Kyla passing one billion streams on Spotify, during the eight months since it was released.

It’s a phenomenal record, that’s where it starts. It’s just one of those rare records that translates throughout the world. Drake’s always been great at really capturing hip-hop and pop sensibilities, but to be able to do that globally with a record like this is just amazing…Hit records make us look really smart. [Laughs] I think Drake made a monster of a record and people responded, and I think our guys within Spotify are just getting better and better at how to put music out in front of more and more people and when it all comes together it works.

15 Dec, 2016

Triple H open to talks with Rousey, McGregor

Speaking as the WWE launches their United Kingdom Championship Tournament, Triple H, in his role as WWE executive vice president of talent, live events and creative, says Rousey could appear in the company in the future.

Never say never with us. Ronda’s done things with us in the past. She’s a huge fan. She had a blast when she did it. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if, as she begins to wrap up her UFC career, as she’s looking to do other things, if we’re a part of that conversation for her.

On a possible McGregor role in WWE:

[McGregor’s] very calculated in the things he says and does. He doesn’t mention us because it just came out. He has made his point. I have made my point when I have been asked about it. He is a business man. I am a businessman. If the time is right for us to sit at the table, if there is an opportunity that we have or he wants to have, then we’ll discuss it. For them and for us, then who knows, you know? We’ll see. We’re wide open


Rousey: McGregor took the weight off my shoulders

Rousey says that White originally wanted her to headline at UFC 205, but that McGregor headlining that fight allowed her to have a break and to focus on the upcoming fight with Amanda Nunes.

Conor gave me the chance to rest, he took the weight off my shoulders, and for that I’m grateful. I will never put my body at risk for money and views ever again. What makes me happy is winning and being the best in the world and that’s it. Fuck all the promotion and energy spent on anything that’s not me winning. And anyone who tries to tell me I owe them energy on frivolous shit during camp out of ‘loyalty’ or ‘friendship’ deserves no loyalty from me and is no friend of mine. This is not a time for fucking favors. This is a time for redemption and revenge.

14 Dec, 2016

Harrison: ‘Ronda loves to walk around naked’

Harrison says Rousey, her former roommate, likes to walk around the house naked.

There’s a lot of things the world doesn’t know about Ronda. She won’t care if I say this and it’s a very Ronda thing to say, but Ronda loves to walk around the house in the nude. There would be times I would come home from school or work or whatever and she would just be sitting at the counter eating butt naked, and I’m like ‘Ronda!’ and she’d be like ‘I feel most comfortable like this’. And I’m like ‘OK Ron, whatever’. The first time I was 16 and I walked in the door and she was butt naked and I was like, ‘Oh! ok, cool’. We train together, we work out together, when you weigh in for judo you weigh in usually naked, so we’re pretty comfortable.


Aldo wants McGregor rematch, says interim belts are ‘bullshit’

Also calls out McGregor:

I want to get a fight with Conor, but as he is running from the fight, I want to see how things are going to be in the division. But we will fight at lightweight. I don’t want to fight him at featherweight. I’m the champion, and I’ve been beating everyone. I want to fight in another division, too, since this is possible now. It is not possible just for one guy. I will ask for a fight and I will also deny fights if I want to. Since [Dana White] said that he doesn’t force anybody to fight… This is me right now…This interim belt is bullshit. Even when I won it [in July at UFC 200] I said that. It is just a fu–ing excuse that someone created to save events.

13 Dec, 2016

Wallace: With training, McGregor will get boxing success

Wallace, McGregor’s boxing trainer, says McGregor can do well in boxing.

You could tell he watches professional boxing very closely and he was always showing you stuff on his phone. I really can’t see why not, because it’s not just a thing that happened over night. With him having the amateur background from when he was younger, when he boxed in the Crumlin Boxing Club, which is a gym that has a lot of professionals in it, he must have just kept that hunger for it. Plus, he could make millions from it, and money talks. It would be really interesting and great to see. Whether it happens or not is another thing. Personally, I’d love to see it…A lot of people have criticised him, but he’s just been doing boxing around twice a week, because he’s got to think about the jiu-jitsu and the wrestling. If he’s doing rounds five days a week, the only thing he can do is get better. A lot people have been very quick to run him down, but once he puts his mind to something he does it, and he does get the results…[Conor’s] tricky, hard to hit, and a good mover, but it would be about learning to slip more punches. Also, with the bigger glove, it gives you a bigger target. If he got a good camp behind him, concentrated solely on boxing five or six times a week, who knows where he could go to.


VanZant would go to 125 to fight Rousey

Van Zant talks about Rousey:

I think it could be her last fight. It’s a big deal for her. But she’s so successful outside of fighting she doesn’t need to fight any more….I don’t belive in ring rust, I belive it’s 100% mental, so if she’s 100% mentally focused then she’s gonna win it. I’s say she’ll [beat Nunes] by armbar…I would consider going up to 125 [to fight her].


McGregor talks chicken and Mayweather

McGregor clarifies that he didn’t fly in a private jet to Texas to get a chicken dinner.

There’s a place in my hometown, Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland. It’s called Texas Fried Chicken. The place that we were on holiday looks like that place. So we stood in front of that place and took a picture.  It wasn’t actually in Texas. Very good place though. They play football with the chicken. It’s still delicious.

He also talks about Mayweather.

Fuck Floyd. What’s Floyd gonna do? We’re looking for anyone. I’m the one with the numbers.



Gates compares Trump to JFK

Gates says he recently talked with Trump on the phone about innovation and green energy, He says it was the first time they have spoken although they have mutual friends.

A lot of his message has been about … where he sees things not as good as he’d like. But in the same way President Kennedy talked about the space mission and got the country behind that. I think whether it’s education or stopping epidemics … [or] in this energy space, there can be a very upbeat message that [Trump’s] administration [is] going to organize things, get rid of regulatory barriers, and have American leadership through innovation. Of course, my whole career has been along those lines. And he was interested in listening to that. And I’m sure there will be further conversation.

12 Dec, 2016

Aldo up for UFC 208 fight; Holloway disagrees

Accepted accepts Holloway’s challenge from the ring, where he called him ‘Waldo’:

He’s saying ‘where’s Aldo?’, you have to talk to the UFC. About the fight in February, I already knew that, I only didn’t know who I would fight. It was between him and Pettis, whoever won the fight. It’s not something new. This fight will happen on February. 11.

But now Holloway now appears not to be so sure:

It’s news to me. I guess we found where Waldo is so I’m glad. It’s time to see what happens. We’re going to talk to the UFC, see what UFC says or see if he’s just trying to [expletive] start some shit. Like I said, I’m not planning on giving up Christmas and my son’s birthday for something that’s going to be booked and Feb. 11 comes up and we’re going to be [expletive] looking at where’s Jose Waldo. That guy is crazy. I just looked and it’s eight weeks out already. That’s why that motherf-cker wants to fight. He wants me to be all drained out from two training camps in a row but that shit ain’t going to happen.


Malignaggi on fighting McGregor: I would laugh my way through it

Malignaggi says he laughs at McGregor’s boxing skills.

After seeing that sparring session (with Chris van Heerden), I don’t think the guy would win the New York City Golden Gloves. I don’t think he would. I think he gets beaten in the New York City Golden Gloves, so the fact that you would put a guy that probably can’t even win the New York City Golden Gloves against the best fighter in the sport is almost laughable. Put him in with a guy like me, a two-time world champion, is still laughable. It’s comical. I would laugh my way through the whole fight, I really would. It would be like watching a Kevin Hart movie, you just sit there laughing. I would be sitting there laughing while I’m fighting the guy because it’s more comedy than it is anything else. Who the f-ck does he think he’s gonna scare in a boxing ring? I’ll put the camera guy against him and it will be competitive in a boxing ring. Does a guy who plays golf, is he able to get on the ice and play hockey because it’s a similar looking object that you’re hitting something with? It’s ridiculous.



Ferguson: McGregor a ‘paper champ’

Ferguson dismisses McGregor’s achievements,

This guy’s picking his opponents. He’s a paper champ. When you’re doing that, of course you’re going to be watching who you’re fighting…I can’t really see Conor as the champion. I see right now as if the title was open. Conor’s taking a step off and I don’t even like to throw his name in because the dude fought one person at 155.

And says he wants to fight Nurmagomedov.

I’ve been sitting here and Khabib, he’s been kind of inactive. I’ve been the most active in this damn place… I’m racking up points here, that’s all that matters. I’m gonna go down in the books as a living legend. That’s what’s gonna happen, I’m gonna be in the UFC Hall of Fame…I’m ready to sign on the dotted line and I think the UFC knows that. And I think it needs to be for that belt. I don’t think, it needs to be for that belt, damn it. Straight up, I’ve been putting in my time, I’ve been putting in my numbers. This is my time. Let’s get some heat going for this thing. Let’s do this for The Ultimate Fighter. We can do Team Khabib versus Team Ferguson, that’d be dope.

Submission Radio #108 Urijah Faber, Tony Ferguson, Frank Shamrock, King Mo, Mike Dyce + UFC 206

10 Dec, 2016

Holloway calls out McGregor

After his win over Anthony Pettis, Holloway calls out McGregor,even though his next fight will be with Jose Aldo.

I ain’t over here begging for fights. If that guy wants to fight me, he can come fight me. Conor’s coach even said I’m the best 145’er in the world. I ain’t going to beg. We’ve got so [many] guys on their knees begging to fight him. If he wants to fight me, he can come see me. If he wants to fight the best, you come fight ‘Blessed’.


Diaz says he will also get boxing licence

Diaz says he is going to follow McGregor and get a boxing licence.

I’m going to get my boxing license in Cali and Nevada. I tried to get out of my UFC contract years ago. I had guys try to buy out my UFC contract so I could box – years ago. But the UFC wouldn’t let me go. So I have been stuck in these contracts and stuff. Now [McGregor] is talking about this Mayweather stuff and it’s getting all this hype, and I’m like ‘Do your thing with Mayweather.’ But if they let him out to box, then I’m boxing somebody too – somebody mainstream on the same card. Or another card – whatever. But I’m not doing it for a publicity stunt, I’m doing it because I love the sport of boxing. I want to win, I want to win fights for real and get out of this MMA shit that I’m not even into anyway. I don’t think they want me in there anyway, so I might as well stay out.

UFC P4P King Nate Diaz Keeping It 100 About Conor McGregor – EsNews Boxing


Trump denies Apprentice report

Trump denies a CNN report that said he would continue to work on The Apprentice while he is president.

9 Dec, 2016

Dunphy: McGregor should not be nominated for RTE sportsperson of the year

Dunphy says Irish international footballer Robbie Brady should have been nominated for RTE sportsperson of the year in McGregor’s place.

Brady has somehow missed out on the RTE scheme. It is hard to figure out. It does look as if this is a mixture of a box-ticking exercise and playing to the gallery. Including McGregor and ignoring Irish footballers – especially Brady – is ludicrous. It is shameful and daft that RTE have ignored him [Brady].


Roach: McGregor-Mayweather fight will never happen

Roach talks about a possible McGregor-Mayweather matchup:

I don’t know how long his contract with UFC is, but they will never let his fighter fight a boxer in a boxing match. I’ve tried that once before, I went to Ari Emanuel…to talk about a fight one time and he said, ‘It will never happen in our lifetime’. If an MMA fighter fights with boxing rules the boxer wins. If you fight with MMA rules, they win. It’s two completely different sports. [McGregor] can punch a little bit, but can he punch as good as Mayweather or Malignaggi? Maybe he can go against a guy that can’t punch that hard…[McGregor] is not an accomplished fighter. Mayweather came to my gym, he said, ‘Freddie, I’m going to fight this guy McGregor’ and he said, ‘If you have a chance to train him, take that job because the fight’s gonna happen and you’ll make a lot of money’. And I said, ‘I would need five years to train him’…Mayweather is one of the best boxers in the world today…I’d love to see [a McGregor-Mayweather fight]. McGregor is fun to watch, he’s a character. I just don’t think he’s in that class of boxing.



Swanson: McGregor should’ve been stripped ‘a long time ago’

Swanson says McGregor had held up the featherweight division too long.

They should have stripped Conor a long time ago. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I see what they were trying to do with him being a two-division champ, but they should have done that right away. He was the one that called the shot of doing 170. Nate Diaz wanted 155 both times. That was ridiculous. I’m glad we’re moving forward. I was upset that I didn’t get a title shot after six wins in a row, multiple No. 1 contender fights, but this kid (UFC 206 headliner Max Holloway) had like (nine) in a row. I’m glad he’s getting his shot (at the interim belt). I’m glad to see (Anthony Pettis), a 155-pound champ, coming down and fighting him. The winner fights Aldo. I think it’s awesome, and it brings excitement back to the division again.

8 Dec, 2016

Aldo calls McGregor, Kavanagh ‘pieces of shit’

Aldo criticises the UFC, McGregor and Kavanagh:

The UFC has been a mess for a while now. Not only for me, it’s been happening way before that. It embarrassed featherweight and now embarrasses lightweight. Khabib Nurmagomedov signed two contracts to fight for the title and still hasn’t. We also have Demian Maia waiting at welterweight and Ronaldo Jacare [Souza] is waiting for even longer than that. It’s cool for me, I was a dominant champion for a long time, but what about Jacare’s situation? He’s always winning and doesn’t get his title shot. They tell him he’ll fight for the title and he never does. And it seems he never will. It’s a mess…I knew I would be the champion and he knows what happened to me in that fight will never happen again. It was known I would be champion again so I don’t have a problem with the way it happened. I’ve always said that having the belt around my waist is all that matters. No matter what, I’m the champion. I don’t care about what his coach says. Who is his coach anyway? I don’t know who he is. Or him. They’re all pieces of shit.


Trump responds to union leader’s criticism

Trump responds to Jones, who had called his visit to Carrier “a dog and pony show” and that he “had lied his ass off”.

Trump also hit back at the Union:


De La Hoya wants Canelo Alvarez vs. McGregor

De la Hoya says the only boxing fight that makes sense to him is McGregor vs. Alvarez.

If Conor is serious about fighting? First of all, I would love to talk to him and promote him. I mean, imagine Conor McGregor and Golden Boy coming together! But the only fight I would like to see, and this is the one that makes the most sense – as it would be the most exciting and would be a guaranteed knockout – is against Canelo Alvarez. And they’re in the same weight class. So it makes all the sense in the world. Imagine. 154. 160. It would be at 160 actually.

Oscar De La Hoya “Only fight that makes sense, McGregor vs. Canelo! At 160!”