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Florence And The Machine Florence Welch

Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

21 Jun, 2009

The band releases Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), from their album, Lungs. Welch:

I’ve been doing all this heavy dark stuff and I just wanted something to express that sort of joyful sort of side to the music. But then again once I started doing that, the lyrics started getting dark again and then it became all about like ritual sacrifice and like who is the lamb and who is the knife? And I think it was just all about me about to jump into the limelight and being in the music industry stuff like that. But it is sort of joyful in a way because its all about giving yourself up and letting it go and you start off being a sort of timid rabbit heart and you have to become courageous and become a lion heart.

Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)