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Mayweather: fighting McGregor ‘possible’

9 May, 2016

In Las Vegas for the Canelo Alvarez-Amir Khan fight, Mayweather responds to rumours that he and McGregor are working on the richest fight in boxing history, with McGregor getting about $10 million to Mayweather’s $144 million take. Mayweather:

It’s possible. It was a name that was shot at me. The rumors that you all have been hearing are the rumors that I started. It may not be a rumor, so keep your fingers crossed. It may be a boxer versus an MMA fighter….You already know my number. . . . Every time I go out there and compete at the highest level my number is, of course, $100 million or better. I feel that I can demand that because I’ve broken all records in the sport of boxing.

Floyd Mayweather Confirms fight with Conor McGregor on May 7th, 2016

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