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5 May, 2014

Fred Wilson interview


Arrington interviews Union Square Ventures’s Wilson at Disrupt NY about Google’s potential for evil, uses for blockchain protocols, and the New York startup landscape. Wilson says that in 2020, the top three internet companies will be:

Google, Facebook, and one that we’ve never heard of


Why’s Apple gone?


They’re too rooted to hardware…and they don’t have anything in the cloud to speak of

Michael Arrington Gets Fred Wilson's Five-Year Prediction | Disrupt NY 2014

30 Apr, 2013

Fred Wilson interview


Arrington and Wilson talk about Kevin Durant, Jim Cramer, and how and how not to pitch a startup. Arrington:

If other venture capitalists are sheep, what animal are you?


I may be a sheep too…We like to think we get out in front of trends but a lot of people in the venture business don’t, they sit back and wait for what becomes obvious and they jump on it.

He adds:

When people laugh at the company and say that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, that’s a good sign…people who are sheep in the business aren’t going to make a lot of money.

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures | Disrupt NY 2013 Fireside Chat

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