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Eric Moye George W. Bush

Shows up for jury duty

5 Aug, 2015

Bush shows up for jury duty at the George Allen Courts Building in Dallas, TX. He spends around three hours at the court chatting with other attendees. Juror:

They made it seem like it was an anonymous juror that never showed up and then they brought him in.

Bush is not selected, not due to his high-profile but because the other jurors were selected before him. Judge Moye:

It would be great if everyone took their jury service the same way [Bush] did. He understood it was important, he took it in good nature and he was engaged and talked to the lawyers. One of the remarks I made to jury was all of you have some reason why you have to do something else. But take a look over and see you have the former president who has given his time to be here, so think how good your excuses for getting out of here really are.