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16 Apr, 2013

Cool Tools Show And Tell 002

Frauenfelder talks with Cloutier-Hartsell, the research librarian for Cool Tools and Kevin Kelly, Glenn, a writer and semiotics analyst and editor of, science writer and environmental activist, and former Cool Tools editor-in-chief Oliver Hulland, who also was an activist in China and is attending medical school, on the podcast created via Google+ Hangout. They discuss the Toggl time-tracking web app, Small Demons reference finder to characters and places from books, an aluminum tackle box, Coleman lantern, and other tools.

Cool Tools Show & Tell #002

9 Oct, 2012

Unbored interview


Unbored editor Glenn and Frauenfelder, who wrote the intro for Unbored, talk about the book, and about how independent scenes like skateboarding and zines in the 80s helped launch the modern maker scene. Frauenfelder:

So many times, children’s activity books are filled with things that aren’t very much fun, aren’t challenging, and don’t have things that are fun or useful if you make them

Getting "Unbored" with Josh Glenn and Mark Frauenfelder

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