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3 Apr, 2015

$29/week food challenge


Batali challenges Gwyneth Paltrow, Sting and Blondie to take the Food Bank NYC Challenge. The challenge urges participants to use only $29 for all the food a person eats for seven days.

For one week, walk in someone else’s shoes. By truly understanding what our friends and neighbors are going through, we will be better equipped to find solutions.

20 Nov, 2014

Sued for odors and noise

Batali is being sued for 10 million by Nurettin Akgul, who lives next to one of Batali’s restaurants in Greenwich Village. Akgul claims his house stinks of food grease and the sound of the air conditioning units prevents him from sleeping. Akgul:

The humming is so intense, I cannot even open my window in the back. I can smell everything they cook, the garlic, and when they use chemicals to clean the exhaust dust we get the stuff in our windows. It’s really a nuisance.

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