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5 Nov, 1990

Meir Kahane shot and killed age 58


Kahane is shot and killed by an assassin following his delivery of a speech to a Jewish group at the New York Marriott East Side hotel in Manhattan. As he greets fans he is approached by a man from the crowd who shoots him at close range with a .357- caliber pistol. Although the assassin is attired as a religious Jew, he is actually an Egyptian-born Muslim American named El Sayyid Nosair.

1 Aug, 1932

Meir Kahane born in New York


Martin David Kahane (Meir Kahane) is born in New York. Growing up in the U.S. in Flatbush, he is the first born of Rabbi and Mrs. Charles Kahane. He is educated at the Yeshiva of Flatbush elementary school and attends both the Abraham Lincoln H.S. and at the Brooklyn Talmudical Academy. He has one younger brother. According to his father:

He was always a sensitive and sentimental boy. A brilliant student.

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