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Michael Arrington Ron Conway

Interview about NSA

12 Sep, 2013

Arrington and Conway discuss the NSA at Disrupt 2013. Arrington talks about issues like seizing encrypted data and hacking phones:

We see what is happening with the NSA, the NSA is strong-arming these companies that are part of our ecosystem…why have you sat by for six months and not done a thing to stop this?


I absolutely agree that we have to balance national security, there was this thing called 9/11, the government’s responsibility is to protect… You have to balance that with responsibility… Obviously the events of the last 60 days with the NSAs says that there has to be a balance between national security and transparency.

He says there is a healthy debate and he is focusing on other issues – civic engagement, gun control, and immigration reform:

I’m probably not going to be the tech leader who heads that…right now immigration reform to me is probably more important

Ron Conway Discusses the NSA | Disrupt SF 2013