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14 Oct, 2014

Launches ProductPsychology

Hoover, Eyal, and Elman of Greylock Partners among other product-focused creators launch the weekly course on the psychology of user behavior. (Website here.) Eyal says the idea is to understand:

The deeper reasons underlying why users do what they do.

13 Oct, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 26

Ryan talks with Chen, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and Eyal, a blogger and the author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. They discuss the Ethan app that allows users to chat with Gliechtenstein, habit-forming products, and the pet products like BarkShop, BarkBox, and BarkCam.


26 Dec, 2013

Publishes Hooked

ryan-hoover-hookedHoover and Eyal publish the book on how to keep consumers using products without advertising or aggressive messaging. Hoover explains the relationship of the concept with Product Hunt:

For Product Hunt to succeed, we need to build habits.

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