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5 Mar, 2015

$4M pay cut

Signs Contract

Manning agrees to a new $15 million contract with the Broncos which cuts his salary by $4 million. The contract also requires Manning to pass a physical.

I don’t talk about my contract. I never have in 18 years and I’m not going to start now. I’ve been working real hard and I’m excited to be back with the Denver Broncos. Can’t wait for April 13 to get here when the team can finally come together. I’m excited to get to work and get to know the new coaches and looking forward to trying to make 2015 a special year.

19 Oct, 2014

Breaks Favre’s record

Manning throws four touchdown passes in the Denver Broncos win over the San Francisco 49ers to surpass Brett Favre’s career touchdown pass record of 508. Manning:

It’s special because of the way our team played. I think Brett has always known he is one of my favorite players. He played the position with so much passion, so much toughness and great production as a quarterback.

Favre congratulates Manning:

I want to say congratulations for breaking the touchdown record.I’m not surprised. You’ve been a wonderful player and I’ve enjoyed watching you play. I’ve enjoyed competing against you. I wish you great success for the rest of the season and the rest of your career.

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