Predicts win in nine minutes

Alvarez predicts a win over McGregor in under nine minutes. I think we do it under the nine-minute mark. Big, big heavy shots, he goes down and then submission. I can see it ending much like the (Nate) Diaz fight where I land the heavy shot and then I finish with a submission. From what I’ve seen in […]

NY sparring video

The Mac Life releases a second video of McGregor sparring with Danis and Grozdev in New York.

UFC 205 Extended Preview

McGregor and Alvarez appear in the extended preview for UFC 205. McGregor: No-one has had the deuce in the UFC, I’m gonna go and get them two belts and take out two divisions. If anyone can do it it’s me. no-one else can do it. Alvarez: This game is not a game about who says […]

Cejudo: ‘McGregor is the best fighter in the world’

Cejudo says McGregor will beat Alvarez. I like Eddie Alvarez a lot but if he stays on his feet with Conor, I think Conor is going to get him. Conor is a gamer, dude. I will never cross that dude out. I just won’t. His mindset is second to none. He’s special because of his mind and […]

COD interview

McGregor is interviewed about his appearance in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He says the chance to play game bad guy Captain Bradley Fillion was something he couldn’t pass up. This is completely outside of the fight world. I didn’t think I would get on the front cover of a UFC video game. I saw a lot of […]

Rumour: Will take one-year break from UFC

According to friends, McGregor is planning to take a one-year break from UFC after 205 to settle down with Devlin, his long-term girlfriend. McGregor is set to make an announcement after the fight, but it it is not know whether is concerns a break. There has been no official statement from McGregor. Source: He’s telling people he wants […]

NY training video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor training with longtime coach Pikulskiy before working some cardiovascular training on the rowing machine.

Alvarez training with Bilharinho

Coach Henry tweets an image of Alvarez and Bilharinho, who is well known for having a fighting style similar to McGregor’s. Awesome work with champ It’s unclear at this time whether Bilharinho has been a regular part of Alvarez’s preparations for this fight or not. His participation may even have been limited to a single session. AWESOME workout […]

Undergoes DEXA scan

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor undergoing a DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan, which measures fat and lean mass, and bone distribution throughout the entire body. He is also seen unfurling a “red panty day” Irish flag.

Talks McGregor strategy

Alvarez says he made the McGregor fight happen. I’m the one who made the Conor McGregor fight happen. He never had any intention of fighting me. Every time I said his name I didn’t get any response, I didn’t get anything. This is a guy who responds and talks shit to everyone, but every time […]

Real Madrid wants McGregor bout

Real Madrid says that the club would be happy to host to a McGregor headlined card at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, in Madrid. The club says  the event has to be hosted from May to July and that they would require a reasonable timeframe to plan in advance. The club hosted a Bruce Springsteen concert last year. [We would be] glad if […]

Wants belt back

Dos Anjos says losing his belt taught him lessons both inside and outside of the cage. I learned how people treat you when you have the belt and how they treat you when you don’t have it. From now on, I will keep the right people in my friendship circle. On not being able to […]

Rehab patients flee

Patients flee a mandatory rehab clinic in Dong Nai province. Of the 500 escaped patients, 300 remain at large. The patients are purported to have used fire extinguishers to break out of their enclosure. A police officer said some were believed to have caught taxis and left the province. Local authorities urge civilians living near the clinic to remain […]

Compares McGregor to Austin, Ortiz

Cormier talks about McGregor, and compares him to Austin and Ortiz. He is ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin from 2000. The guy that you’re supposed to kinda root against, but you want to root for. Everything that he does before would have gotten people to boo you. But it’s like they’ve taken to it. It’s something […]

Responds to nude photo hackers

In a Weekend Update Segment on SNL, Jones says she is unfazed by the nude photo leak in August. At a certain point you stop being embarrassed and start being you. All they did was release some nude pics of me – which is nothing, because, I don’t know if you all know this about me, but I […]

The Sound Check

The band appear on The Sound Check, playing I Saw A Ghost, Forever In Your Debt. Aaron: I Saw A Ghost came in a dark morning. As you can image by the lyrics it’s quite a sombre track…what I try to do in the lyrics is write stuff that people are feeling, but can’t articulate.

WWE touts McGregor-Reigns fantasy match

A possible Reigns-McGregor matchup is mentioned as part of an article about fantasy matchups on Although McGregor would have the edge in the striking, speed and submission categories, Reigns would possess the size, strength and reach advantages. Those would (maybe) be enough for The Big Dog to keep The Notorious One down, but either way, it […]

Says McGregor can join WWE Cruiserweight division

Sheamus talks about the possibility of McGregor getting involved in pro wrestling. As far as I know he’s still going to be fighting for a really long time. I mean there’s a Cruiserweight Division now, so maybe McGregor can join the Cruiserweight Division. But I really don’t know…it’s really up to him. He’s obviously got a […]

Utsunomiya park explosion

At least one person dies after three explosions in Utsunomiya, north of Tokyo. The explosions also seriously injure two men, and a 14-year-old boy, who suffers minor leg injuries. Police believe the blasts may be linked to an apparent suicide, and have found a suicide note at the scene, and one of the damaged vehicles was owned by […]

Rogan: McGregor a ‘once-ever kind of guy’

Rogan says no one come close to McGregor. Well, Conor’s a special human; there’s not a lot of humans that come along in anyone’s generation that has that kind of impact in any sport. And it’s not just because of his ability to fight; it’s because of his mind, his charisma, his ability to articulate things. And also […]

‘Danis is an animal’

McGregor talks about his jiu-jitsu training partner. This is a different part of the game also. We’ve been in here, we’ve been fighting him, we haven’t been slacking off on him, we’ve been putting him into uncomfortable situations as well. Fighters come from a grappling base and not many at all adjust to a full fight, to […]

Announces $83b Time Warner acquisition

AT&T announces it will purchase Time Warner for $86 billion. The buyout grants AT&T distributor power over CNN and HBO. AT&T says the deal will give customers ‘unmatched choice, quality, value and experiences that will define the future of media and communications” and the new company would “lead the next wave of innovation in converging media and […]

Protest denied referendum

Citizens hold protests after President Maduro and his council suppress their right to a referendum on his presidency. The wives of two jailed opposition leaders headed the marchers who were dressed in white and waved national flags. There’s no obstacle that can defeat Venezuelan mothers, fighting for the future of their children.

Parliament bans alcohol

The Iraqi parliament issues a ban on the sale of alcohol, which many deem unconstitutional. Opponents argue that the vote infringes constitutional guarantees of freedom of religious belief for minority groups such as Christians. They say they will appeal against the surprise decision in the courts. An official said that the ban was a last-minute move by conservatives.

Predicts bank exit over Brexit

Multiple banks predict their departure from the UK, citing new legal restrictions on their right to serve UK customers. The British Banker’s Association states: Banking is probably more affected by Brexit than any other sector of the economy, both in the degree of impact and the scale of the implications. It is the UK’s biggest export […]

26 captives released after five years

Twenty-six captives of Somalian pirates are freed after five years. The vessel and its crew were kept off the Somali coast, until it sank. The hostages – from a number of East Asian countries – were then brought ashore and held in the bushland. They are believed to be some of the last remaining captives seized by Somali […]

Crash site found

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has located what experts believe to be the site of the Schiaparelli probe’s crash landing on Mars. The roughly 15m by 40m dark patch, which is probably dust and rock fragments thrown out from the impact, is sited some 5.5km west of Schiaparelli’s expected touchdown point in the equatorial Meridiani Plain. The feature […]

76.1m watch final debate

The final U.S. presidential debate is reported to have been seen by 76.1 million people, not including those who streamed the debate online. This figure is less than that of the first debate, but still the third highest in debate-watching history. Their September meeting attracted an audience of 84 million, but still the largest in the history of […]

Accuses UK of visa issuance delay

Yakovenko claims the UK is slowing down the visa-issuing process so as to prevent Russian embassy workers from obtaining visas. He suggests that this is indicative of the country’s broader anti-Russian sentiment. The embassy is shrinking and if it continues the embassy will be reduced further. People cannot be replaced because the visas are not […]

Calls McGregor a ‘cry baby’

Mousai continues to comment on his Twitter exchange with McGregor. I think his butt was hurt. He was sending me some messages. I don’t know what the crap he was talking about. I said to him, what’s he going to do about the 50 kilos (weight difference). He was being smart or I don’t know […]

Ridicules McGregor bike training

In response to the picture of McGregor training on a bike… You are about to be introduced to a method of training that will lead you to require multiple opponents in constant rotation, just to keep up with you. You have no idea about this life. Something big is coming. #TheMacLife A photo posted by […]

Tasmanian Devil milk kills MRSA

Researchers at Sydney University find that breastmilk from tasmanian devils can be used to treat MRSA and other superbugs. The marsupial’s breastmilk is found to contain bacteria-fighting peptides. They have scanned the devil’s genetic code to find and recreate the infection-fighting compounds, called cathelicidins. Experts believe devils evolved this cocktail to help their young grow stronger. One […]

Indigogo campaign starts

SkunkLock launches an Indiegogo campaign for SkunkLock, a U-shaped lock that prevents bicycle theft by releasing a non-lethal chemical gas that induces vomiting and shortness of breath when tampered with. Skunklock says the gas is perfectly safe and can only be released by trying to cut through it with an angle grinder, and that it penetrates high-end gas […]

Criticizes Michelle Obama’s Clinton support

Trump criticizes Obama for her support of Clinton, drawing attention to comments she made in 2008 that were critical of Clinton. I see how much [Michelle Obama] likes Hillary. But wasn’t she the one that originally started the statement, ‘If you can’t take care of your home,’ right? ‘You can’t take care of the White House or the […]

Suspect arrested after device found

A 19-year-old suspect is detained by armed police in Holloway Road, north London, after the discovery of a suspect device on a Tube train. A witness to the teenager’s arrest described him as white, bearded and wearing a hoodie. Witness The armed police, I think five of them, ran behind him and put him on the […]

Ignores Nobel committee

Dylan is reportedly ignoring his Nobel Prize in Literature, resisting all of the Nobel committee’s attempts to reach him. Some members of the Nobel committee find this behavior arrogant, others accept it as characteristic of Dylan. Academy member: He is who he is. We were aware that he can be difficult and that he does not like […]

Sulphur plant releases fumes

A sulphur plant in Mishraq is set on fire amid fighting between United States troops and the Islamic State in the Mosul region. The fire is releasing poisonous fumes, forcing American soldiers to wear gas masks. US soldiers at a base near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul have donned protective masks against toxic fumes from […]

Helicopter crash

A helicopter crashes in Siberia, killing 19 of the 22 people on board. The crash was likely caused by flight protocol violations. The regional government calls for a day of mourning. A criminal probe has been launched but investigators suspect the crash could have been caused by a violation of flight safety regulations, a mechanical problem or poor […]

Won’t censor Trump despite employee protest

Zuckerberg decides not to censor Trump’s posts on Facebook, despite employees petitioning for the removal of posts as ‘hate speech’. The decision has prompted employees across the company to complain on Facebook’s internal messaging service and in person to Zuckerberg and other managers that it was bending the site’s rules for Trump. Some employees who review content […]

Limbaugh: Media wants Trump to admit defeat

Limbaugh claims that the American media has been attempting to force Donald Trump to concede defeat to Hillary Clinton. They wanted Donald Trump to concede defeat just like they wanted the Republicans to take impeachment off the table, which they did, last night, everybody wanted Trump to admit that he had lost the election last night.

Targets McGregor

Choi says he has his sights set on McGregor. It’s what everyone is talking about and what everyone wants to know about. I want to be the UFC’s first Asian world champion and if that means I have to fight Conor McGregor, then that’s what I will have to do. I will be ready if that happens, as […]

‘Creepy clown’ not happy with McGregor’s threat

A professional ‘creepy clown’ challenges McGregor to visit his scare house following his threat to “slap the head off him”. I believe you’re trying to beat the head of me and shove my mask up my ass – well I dare you to come to The Asylum where we will frighten the shite out of you. Fifteen minutes with […]

Tells UFC fighters to stop moaning

McGregor comments on the fighters like Aldo, who are complaining about their treatment by UFC. Tell me one time that crying and moaning, tell me one time that’s good for progression. It’s not. Where would you be if I wasn’t here? Be grateful that you’re even in the conversation. Keep your head down, keep working, stay focused, […]

Calls for cool heads against Inter Milan

Puel has instructed his players to stay calm as they aim to take advantage of the turmoil surrounding Inter Milan at Siro. It’s important to stay calm. Perhaps it’s a big occasion for Inter to react as they need points but for us it’s the same thing. They have good players and a good team to have […]

Rumour: Kompany out at Man City

Kompany is left out of the squad for the Champions League defeat in Barcelona. Despite Kompany being fit and available to face Barcelona following a brief comeback against Everton, Guardiola put teenage defender Pablo Maffeo on the bench instead. Kompany is understood to have grown increasingly frustrated and was involved in an angry confrontation with Aleksandar Kolarov in training […]

Koeman: Barkley snub a ‘wake-up call’

Koeman says Barkley’s omission against Manchester City should act as a “wake-up call.” Barkley, who has already lost his place in the England squad, was an unused substitute in the game. He was okay, very disappointed but you need to be disappointed if you don’t start. In my opinion it was the best lineup to have the […]

Marotta: We didn’t have to sell Pogba to Man U

Marotta claims Juventus would have signed Higuain for £75.3m even if they had blocked Pogba from joining Manchester United for £89million. I know [Napoli President] Aurelio [De Laurentiis] well. He is a passionate man and with Higuain there was a lot of controversy surrounding his move to Juventus. It’s not true, though, that this move was closely linked to […]