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Robert Downey Jr.

Less Than Zero

6 Nov, 1987

Downey Jr. stars¬†as Julian, a struggling junkie, in the drama about the addictive tendencies of the youth of Los Angeles based on Brett Easton Ellis’ book. Rumors of Downey arriving on the set of Less Than Zero already high on the drugs he was meant to be acting with began to surround the film’s reputation and Downey’s. Co-starring¬†Andrew McCarthy and James Spader.

Until that movie, I took my drugs after work and on the weekends. Maybe I’d turn up hungover on the set, but no more so than the stuntman. That changed on Less Than Zero. I was playing this junkie-faggot guy and, for me, the role was like the ghost of Christmas future. The character was an exaggeration of myself. Then things changed and, in some ways, I became an exaggeration of the character. That lasted far longer than it needed to last.

Less Than Zero Trailer