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Robin Williams

Man of the Year

2 Nov, 2007

Williams plays Tom Dobbs in this drama, directed by Barry Levinson. Dobbs, during his talk show, makes an offhand comment that he would be a better president than the leader who currently occupies the White House. Afterwards a grass-roots campaign conducted by his many fans finds him unexpectedly ushered into the Oval Office and forced to live up to his promise. Co-starring Laura Linney and Lewis Black.

It’s all about money. And so that’s really the main issue behind it all. As long as we want to play this game, that you’re going to go and raise $250 million to be the President and think this President is going to be free enough to go do what he thinks is correct without maximum amount of influence to all the people he’s beholden to, it’s just not realistic.

Man of the Year Trailer [HQ]