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J. R. Martinez On Air With Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest

J.R. Martinez interview

10 May, 2012

Seacrest interviews Martinez during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about his role in Voters in America: Vets Wanted documentary. 

As a proud veteran, I am always honored to have an opportunity to help my brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces. CNN’s documentary, Voters in America: Vets Wanted? highlights the extraordinary perseverance, skills, strength and character that our veterans have to offer employers as they return to America and re-enter civilian life. Transitioning to civilian life can come with a lot of challenges – I certainly have lived some, but I hope through this documentary to do what I aim to do every day: to try to inspire other vets to do what we do best: always remember why we never give up and why we do what we do – for our love of country and family.