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Kris Jenner On Air With Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest

Kris Jenner interview

13 Apr, 2014

Seacrest interviews Jenner during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about Kim and Kanye.

First of all, he’s [Kanye] been a friend of the family for so long, and the two of them are, you know, they do their own thing, they have their own friendship and relationship.  So I love them both, and I just stop trying to make judgments on who they go out with, or my comments or advice that I love to give and pass out unsolicited, because I always get myself into trouble with the dating thing. So but when I heard it I thought ‘Okay. Oh wait, what’s going on? What? What?’ Sometimes I’m just like everybody else. Sometimes I’m the last to know.