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Scott Walker

Anti-crime, anti-tax campaign

21 Oct, 1998

In his reelection bid for State Assembly, Walker campaigns on a tough anti-crime and anti-tax message. He supports a tax-cut plan that will save the average household $1,494 in income taxes over five years, life-time imprisonment for pedophiles and laws to protect vulnerable senior citizens from abuse. Commenting on truth-in-sentencing legislation he co-authored:

You serve 100% of your time. Ten years means ten years. I’ve found even with people who lean left of center, they’re in favor of incarcerating prisoners.

His opponent, Jim Heidenreich, disagrees:

It’s gotten real punitive. Mr. Walker supports building neighborhood prisons, not neighborhood schools. He’s big on building prisons; he’s big on shipping prisoners out of state. But let’s quit shipping ’em out of state, and let’s put some money into rehabilitation. That’s just as important as punishment.