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11 Feb, 1963

Sylvia Plath commits suicide at 30


Sylvia Plath dies after she turns the gas on her oven on and leaves her upper body inside the oven. Her death is not unexpected to those who know her depression or her poetry. Her death is not widely reported, due to the consideration of suicide as shameful.

27 Oct, 1932

Sylvia Plath born in Boston


Sylvia Plath is born in Boston, USA to Otto Plath, biology professer and a teacher, Aurelia Plath. Plath excels in schooling, having an interest in reading and writing through the entirety of her schooling. She publishes her first poem at the age of eight, in the Boston Herald. Extract from her poem Child.

Your clear eye is the one absolutely beautiful thing.

I want to fill it with color

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