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Terry McMillan

The Interruption of Everything

12 Jul, 2005

tm5The Interruption of Everything follows Marilyn Grimes, wife and mother of three who has deferring her dreams to live in California home in the suburbs. She adviser her grown kids, cares for her live-in mother-in-law, Arthurine, and keeps tabs on her girlfriend, Paulette. In addition to that, her friend Bunny and her aging mother and foster sister is being taken care of too by Marilyn. In spite of doing everything, Marilyn still holds down a part-time job. But at age 44, Marilyn’s got too much on her plate and nothing to feed her passion. She feels like she’s about ready to jump. She’s just not sure where.

I try to create characters that I am fascinated by on some level or intrigued by or can’t stand. By writing about them I have to be compassionate in order to understand what makes them function the way that they do. And so I do a lot of background things about my characters that a lot of people would never know. And I do…