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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods born in Cypress, California

30 Dec, 1975

Tiger Woods and father EarlEldrick Tont Woods is born in Cypress, California, to Earl Woods, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, and Kultida Woods, a native of Thailand with a mixed cultural background. He’s nicknamed in honor of a friend and Vietnamese soldier who Earl also called Tiger. Woods is the only child of Earl and Kultida but has three half-siblings. He attends Cerritos Elementary School in Anaheim:

 I would go and hit balls and it goes kind of quiet for a while, and then the next thing I know and he’s looking over my shoulder and he’s kind of watching and just kind of eyeing me. Then I’ll hit and he’ll hit and his swing starts mimicking what I am doing. That’s how I learned the game and my dad just kept it so light, fun and competitive, and I fell in love with it.