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Mark Consuelos Wendy Williams

Mark Consuelos interview

7 Jan, 2014

Williams interviews Mark Consuelos on his family, career and his Amazon Prime original series Alpha House. On┬áhis family’s winter vacation spot:

Yes, the town that we go skiing in every year they make this igloo and then they move it so it’s in a different place every year. You have to walk to it, like a mile in the woods. We snow shoe-ed there we get there and I’m a little claustrophobic so I didn’t want to go in the igloo. But I was told there might be wine in the igloo so I sacrificed. Inside it was beautiful. Inside you can see that there are trees that hold up the snow and they had a chandelier made out of deer antlers and they had candles on them. It was nice and then you had lunch.

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