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Booker T WWE interview

17 Sep, 2014

Booker talks to about a prank once pulled by Brian Knobbs as part of the site’s Superstar’s greatest pranks series.

I remember we were on tour in Germany and Knobbs had been pranking everybody on the plane flying over. We were friends, I didn’t think he would get me. I also always dressed really nice, and that day I had a nice jacket on with a sweater vest and a shirt with some nice slacks. Anyway, I fell asleep, and when I woke up I had two pieces of cheese inside of my vest that he had stuffed in there, and they had made big round spots on my shirt. You can’t get that out. I realized all of my fingernails were painted red and I had whipped cream stacked up on top of my head like yay high. The road agent was sitting right behind me on the plane. I look behind at him and I go, “Man, you need to take care of this. This needs to stop” He looks at me, shows me all of his fingers, and all of his fingers were painted red also.