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Jack Swagger WWE interview

17 Sep, 2014

Swagger talks to about a prank he and Zeb Colter pull on their friends as part of the site’s Greatest Pranks series.

Going around now, me and Zeb call it “Paparazzi.” I’ll set someone up and I’ll turn their back to Zeb, come up from behind and scare them. And the whole time there’s a videotape, but they don’t know it. And a couple seconds later we’ll send them a video and when they’re watching, we’ll come up and scare them again. We’ve gotten like six people with it already. Tom Phillips will jump at anything. Renee Young. We really target announcers, it seems like. Rosa Mendes will jump all the time. The pie in the sky would be if I can turn it around and get Zeb at his own game.