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21 Jul, 2015

Bison attacks selfie taker

Animal Attack

Bison selfie YellowstoneA bison gores a woman trying to snap a selfie photo close to one of Yellowstone Park’s famed bison, the fifth attack on a tourist who has ignored warnings to admire the mammals from afar. The 43-year-old Mississippi woman and her daughter are standing with their back to a bison, which can weigh up to one ton , when it charges, tossing her into the air and inflicting minor injuries. Victim:

It was the most frightening experience I have been through in my life to date. I thought I had a healthy respect for wildlife, but maybe not as healthy as I should have had. But I am very grateful and blessed to have walked away.


People are not taking to heart that these are wild animals that are unpredictable and can be dangerous…We have a little saying here: ‘Give them room, use your zoom.

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