Newslines aims to convert all the world’s news, past and present, into verified data and store it on a tamper-proof blockchain.

Anyone can use this global news archive to create a new generation of trusted news applications.

Gather news

Collect news from thousands of different sources

Extract Data

Use Machine Learning and crowdsourcing to extract summarized news data

Verify & Store

Verify using the NewsBlocks protocol and add to blockchain

Create Apps

Developers retrieve data to create trusted news applications

The Newslines Application

The Newslines application retrieves the trusted data in NewsBlocks, giving readers unbiased news feeds on any topic.

In 2017 we distributed over 1700 news summaries about Conor McGregor, the UFC fighter, to a network of over two million Facebook fans, resulting in 100 million views on Facebook and one to six million monthly pageviews on Newslines.

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