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A newsline is a news timeline made up of unbiased, summarised, news events — added by contributors — about any topic. For example, our contributors have added over 2000 news events about Conor McGregor, creating the world’s largest interactive news archive about the UFC fighter.



  • Unbiased: Our curation process strips out any bias
  • Alive: Quotes from tell the topic’s story in their own words
  • Interactive: Sort and filter to find the information you want
  • Complete: Videos and important social media posts tell the whole story

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Help us update and complete thousands more


If you’d like to create the complete history of your favourite:

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  • politician
  • celebrity
  • sportsperson
  • company
  • or even product…

…please fill in the form and we’ll get in touch as soon as we open up our next batch of contributors.


In addition to contributors, we are looking for a senior editor (part time).


Newslines helps social media pages and websites grow by providing summarised breaking news, specifically tailored to your audience. For example, In 2017, our breaking news summaries were delivered to a network of over two million Conor McGregor Facebook fans, resulting in 100 million views on Facebook. Get in touch to talk about your project.