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3 Jun, 2015

Fox News interview preview


Fox News releases a preview of of Kelly’s interview with Josh Duggar’s victims and siblings Jessa and Jill, along with parents Jim Bob and Michelle:

Here we tried to raise our kids to – to do what’s right and know what’s right. And yet, one of our children made really bad choices and I think as a parent we were just – we were devastated.

Michelle Duggar to Megyn Kelly - " As Parents , We Felt We Were Failures " - Fox News

22 Apr, 2015

Pregnancy cravings

Duggar shares her pregnancy cravings:

During the stages of morning sickness, keeping something in my stomach kept me from being sick. If I kept something in my stomach, I would be way less nauseous…Ben was so sweet – ‘How can I help you? What can I get you to snack on?’ … He’s so sweet. Always waiting on me hand and foot.

21 Apr, 2015

Quits social media


James is temporarily quitting social media in order to focus on upcoming games. He says he only needs to communicate with family and teammates.

I don’t have no phones, no social media, I don’t have anything. I don’t care about nonsense. There’s too much nonsense out there. Not during this time, this is when I lock in right now and I don’t need nothing creeping into my mind that don’t need to be there.

23 Sep, 2014

Season 14 Episode 6

aOn 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 episode 6, Jill Says Yes To the Dress, Jill tries on two potential wedding dresses.

I have a few different ideas, but you don’t really know until you try a dress on. You can see something hanging up and be like, ‘Oh, I like it!’ But then [you can] put it on and be like, ‘Ugh.

14 Oct, 2011

J.R. Martinez interview

Seacrest interviews Martinez during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about his experiance on Dancing With The Stars while being disfigured.

Not only a fun opportunity and a challenge, physically and mentally, but I looked at it as an opportunity for me, to reach so many people and to educate people on true beauty, to educate people on disfigurement, to educate people on our troops and their families and our service members. So, for me it was like a no brainer. There is a reason why I am this cute!

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