2012 Summer Olympics

2012 Summer Olympics2 posts
12 Nov, 2015

Orders doping investigation

Opens investigation

President Putin has orders an investigation into claims by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), that the country’s athletes were using performance enhancing drugs during the 2012 London Olympics. WADA wants to ban Russian athletes from competing. Athletes who are found to be doping would have their Olympic Medals taken away from them and be banned from participating in future Olympic events. Putin said athletes should be punished individually, rather than collectively.

Sportsmen who don’t dope – and never have – must not answer for those who break the rules. If we find that someone must be held responsible for something of the sort that breaks the rules in place against doping, then the responsibility must be personalised – that’s the rule…The battle must be open. A sporting contest is only interesting when it is honest. It is essential that we conduct our own internal investigation and – I want to underline – provide the most open professional co-operation with international anti-doping structures

20 Jul, 2011

Qualifies for London

oscar-pistorius-qualifies-londonPistorius qualifies for the World Championships in Daegu and the London Olympics after clocking 45.07 seconds for the 400 metres at a meeting in Lignano, Italy. He finishes well clear of the field, and smashes his personal best of 45.61.

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