2014 Ferguson Unrest

2014 Ferguson Unrest3 posts
26 Jan, 2016

Permanent police chief decision on track

Makes Statement

Authorities in Ferguson, MO say that they are on track to select a permanent police chief by March of 2016. The department has been without a permanent commander since March of 2015. The person taking on the role will have to work under close scrutiny by the Justice Department as the Ferguson PD works to rebuild their organization as mandated under the aegis of a scathing Justice Department investigation.

15 Mar, 2015



Police arrest Williams for shooting two police officers in Ferguson. Attorney General Eric Holder:

This arrest sends a clear message that acts of violence against our law enforcement personnel will never be tolerated. In the days ahead, we will continue to partner with the authorities in St. Louis County to secure justice for all those affected by this heinous and cowardly crime. And we will continue to stand vigilant in support of public safety officers and the communities they serve.

12 Mar, 2015

Two police officers shot

Two police officers are shot in Feguson as demonstrations that began as a celebration of the police chief’s resignation turn violent. The officers are hospitalized and are conscious. St. Louis Police Chief, Jon Belmar:

These police officers were standing there and they were shot, just because they were police officers

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