2014 Fort Hood Shootings

2014 Fort Hood Shootings17 posts

On April 2, 2014 Ivan Lopez killed three people and injured 14 more in a shooting incident at Fort Hood, Texas.

Feb 2014

Transfers to Fort Hood

Lopez is evaluated for PTSD but does not get diagnosed. Besides depression and anxiety, Lopez has trouble sleeping and is taking Ambien.


Lopez serves in Iraq

Lopez is deployed to Iraq for four months, where he is truck driver during the time American forces are withdrawing from the country.  There is no record that Lopez saw combat or was injured. He gains no combat citations or ribbons. Officials say that this does not mean Lopez was not suffering serious psychological problems — only that they did not appear combat-related, as is often associated with soldiers suffering from PTSD. According to a spokesman, Lopez “self-reported” a brain injury.


Lopez part of Warrior Transitional Brigade

Lopez receives instruction as part of the Warrior Transitional Brigade, a program that:

Accepts Soldiers injured in combat, those with chronic medical conditions, those who are seriously ill, those with mental or emotional conditions, and Soldiers injured during training or off duty.

When Soldiers require at least six months of complex medical care, their doctors can put in a packet for them to be moved over to the WTB, where the Soldier’s only mission will be to heal and prepare for transition,


Born in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico


Lopez was from the town of Guayanilla. His mother was a nurse. The mayor of the town, Edgardo Arlequin Velez taught Lopez for six years while he directed the school band.

He he was a peaceful young man and especially talented.

The mayor said Lopez’s parents were always taking care of him, and that he had a tight-knit family and friendships.

 He had an excellent life, which I witnessed

Lopez’s mother dies in November 2013. His grandfather dies in October 2013.

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