2015 Boston Marathon

2015 Boston Marathon2 posts
20 Apr, 2015

Men’s division winner

Wins Sport Event

Desisa wins the men’s division in 2 hours 9 minutes 17 seconds. He throws off his hat and waves to spectators as he sprints to the finish. Desisa also won the 2013 marathon but gave his medal to the city of Boston in light of the bombings that year.

This medal is mine to keep . . . I started waving my hands because I love the Boston people.


Women’s winner

Wins Sport Event

Rotich, from Kenya, wins the women’s division in 2 hours 24 minutes 55 seconds after a mile-long sprint to the finish. She wins four seconds ahead of the second-place runner.

I thought I’d finish second. Just like that I saw the finish line and was like: I can kick! I can kick!

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