2015 Regatta Disaster

2015 Regatta Disaster2 posts
26 Apr, 2015

Four missing, one dead

Transportation Disaster

At least four are missing and one is dead in Alabama after several boats capsize in a storm during the Dauphin Island Regatta. The search for survivors continues. Officials:

It’s been a very tragic day. We’ve had a lot of breakage, missing people, fatalities. Apparently there were a number of vessels that became distressed, either capsized or what have you. They were scattered anywhere from Dauphin Island Bridge all the way out into Mobile Bay and across to Fort Morgan. It was a wide area.

Two dead, five missing

Death Count

Relatives waiting for loved ones to dockOfficials confirm there are at least two dead and five missing from the storm striking the Regatta outside Mobile Alabama. Rescue and search efforts continue. Officials:

Forty people have been rescued from the water after the 4:30 p.m. storm, and the Coast Guard believes five people remained missing Sunday. We think we are looking for five additional people in the water but we are still pulling for information.

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