2015 Suwane Ga Murder-Suicide

2015 Suwane Ga Murder-Suicide3 posts
22 Jul, 2015

Victims identified

Makes Statement

The victims are identified as members of the same family. The shooter and only current suspect is identified as Matthew Fields, age 32, one of those found dead at the scene. The adult woman who later died on route to the hospital is identified as Fields estranged wife Rebecca Manning, age 37. The two children found dead at the scene were Manning two sons, Jacob Smith, age 9 and Jared Smith Age 8. All died from gunshot wounds inflicted by Fields. The two children were shot in their beds, but it is unclear with the others were shot. Both boys were students at Johns Creek Elementary School. The only survivor of the attack is Manning’s father, Jerry Manning, age 75, who is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds at a local trauma hospital. Sheriff:

The shooting appears to be domestic-related and it all took place inside the home. it appears all the victims lived at the home. The motive is still unknown.

Five shot, four dead in murder-suicide


Five people are shot and four are dead with one critically wounded in Suwanee, GA. Three, and adult male and two children under the age of ten, are found dead at the scene. An adult woman dies either on her way to the hospital or at the hospital from a gunshot wound to her back. An older man remains in critical condition and is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. Authorities have not identified a motive. Sheriff:

We have absolutely no clue at this point what precipitated it. We hope to find a motive during the ongoing investigation.

21 Jul, 2015

Call to police night before shooting

Makes Statement

Reports say that police responded to a domestic violence 911 call the night before the fatal shooting occurred. The call was made by passersby, not anyone in the home. When police arrived they say,there was no sign of any disturbance or physical fight and the people in the home denied a problem. Fields was not in the home when the police arrived. Despite the serious argument the neighbors reported they saw and heard, Rebecca Manning told police when they arrived, “No, nothing’s going on,” and that nothing had occurred in the past between herself and her estranged husband. Police:

There were no signs of a fight at the home Tuesday night when deputies went to check on the family after getting calls from passers-by. Fields wasn’t there and those at the home were uncooperative. There was nothing more the deputies could do. It’s up to victims to open up and say something or else no one else can help…If there are no outward signs of violence in the home and everyone there says nothing is going on, you just can’t pick somebody and say, ‘You look like the instigator,’ and arrest the person.

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