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8 Feb, 2017

Grammys announce Prince, George Michael tribute

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The Recording Academy announces that the 59th annual Grammy Awards will pay homage to Prince and George Michael, who both died in 2016.

While the primary focus of the Grammy Awards is to celebrate and honor the year’s best in music, we consider it our responsibility to tell music’s broader story by honoring its legends lost—that’s what we strive to achieve with our annual tributes. While it’s nearly impossible to convey the full depth of an artist’s cultural impact in a single performance, it’s that very challenge that has led us to some of our most memorable Grammy moments.

25 Feb, 1943

George Harrison born in Liverpool, England


tumblr_lq6i98cdoq1qadyfcGeorge Harrison is born in Liverpool, England to Harold Hargreaves Harrison and Louise Harrison. His father works as a bus conductor while his mother is a shop assistant. He has an elder sister and two elder brothers. He goes to Dovedale Primary School.

My earliest recollection is of sitting on a pot at the top of the stairs having a poop – shouting finished.

29 Nov, 2001

George Harrison dies age 58


Harrison dies age 58 from cancer, at a friend’s home in Los Angeles, with his wife, Olivia, and son, Dhani, by his side. were with him. Family statement:

He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends. He often said, `Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait,’ and `love one another.’

6 May, 1961

George Clooney born in Lexington, Kentucky


George Clooney is born in Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America to beauty queen/councilwoman Nina Bruce and newsman Nick Clooney. Clooney has an older sister, Adelia. Clooney is raised a strict roman catholic. In middle school he suffers from Bell’s Palsy. He plays baseball and basketball throughout his schooling at Augusta High School where he reportedly receives all A and B grades.

My dad taught me the value of listening and learning [but] the most important lesson [is] never to put people down…[Bell’s Palsy is a] tricky thing. So, you develop a better personality and learn how to make jokes about it.

4 Dec, 2011

Boy George interview

The Guardian interviews Boy George about overcoming the self inflicted drama in his life.

I look back now and most of the drama in my life was self-inflicted. I don’t need to make up so much drama now. I watch my friends and think and? He said she said Twitter. A lot of it [addiction] is proximity. If you are around it too much, you are going to get dragged in. I don’t put myself in those situations now. If I think people are going to get drugs out, I won’t be there. There was a point where I was like, oh yeah, fine I don’t do it. But it’s not fine. It’s never fine.

11 Nov, 2013

Interviews Spacey at Georgetown

Klain interviews Spacey about whether House of Cards is an accurate picture of ethics in government. He cites a tweet from the show’s producers:

House Of Cards is obviously a fictional show because it’s also a Congress that gets shit done

Questioning Spacey on how close the show is to reality:

When I talk to people outside Washington about House of Cards, my friends from outside Washington all tell me the same thing, Please tell me, Ron, that it’s not that bad.


Whether they might say this publicly or not publicly I’ve talked to many people in politics who’ve told me…It’s the most accurate description of how politics works that we’ve ever seen

Actor Kevin Spacey, Georgetown's Ron Klain Discuss Politics and Ethics

1 Jul, 2013

Georgetown speech on Obama

Klain gives a speech as part of a panel at the university on what he says will be the legacy of Obama’s presidency. He says there are four main parts, the economy; healthcare; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the war against Al Qaeda, including the death of Bin Laden; and inclusiveness, where aside from becoming the first non-white President he says Obama has advanced Hispanic issues like recognizing around 11 million immigrants, and things like gay marriage and gays serving in the military. On the economy:

You can agree or disagree with [Obama’s] economic policies but just on the math, on the numbers, he will finish his presidency with the greatest percentrage growth in the stock market, national wealth house prices, and the greatest reduction in the deficit

He says that before Obamacare, people could lose their homes or bank accounts if they didn’t have medical insurance. On the wars:

That those wars have come to an end under this president is historic


Those are four historic changes under [Obama’s] presidency

Chris Niedermeier: President Obama's Second Term Legacy Forum in Washington, D.C.

17 Sep, 2014

George Hamilton IV dies age 77


Hamilton dies in a hospital in Nashville a few days after suffering a heart attack.

Grand Ole Opry Legend George Hamilton IV The International Ambassador of Country Music passed away … at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital with his family by his side. George IV suffered a serious heart attack on Saturday and had been in critical condition from that time. The Hamilton family greatly appreciates everyone’s prayers!

1 Aug, 1989

Boy George interview


George is interviewed on satellite in London by Hall on The Arsenio Hall Show. They talk about his albums success in America, how he wanted to be accepted by African-American community, and his love of Billy Holiday.

I’m just into people that can sing. I have a very old fashioned attitude towards music. I think if you can sing you’re OK.

Boy George Interview – [ U.S. TV – "The Arsenio Hall Show" ] – 1989

6 Nov, 2013

George Wallace interview


Hall interviews Wallace on The Arsenio Hall Show. They talk about Wallace’s best friend, Jerry Seinfield, and his new book that teaches people to travel while they are healthy.

Travel while everything is working because old people are mean. Who starts wars? Old mean rich white men start wars and young people, you give me ten young kids from Africa, ten young kids from Shanghai, China, ten young kids from Brazil, ten young kids from your hometown Cleveland and ten young kids from Toronto, Ontario Canada you give em’ a boom box and a keg of beer and you come back one hour later…there’s a party goin’ on.

George Strait

George Strait is an American country music singer born in 1952 in Poteet, Texas. Throughout his career, he was recognized as the ‘King of Country’. Strait was credited for making traditional country music popular again. He initially gained prominence with his first song Unwound. Some of his other well known songs include Fool Hearted Memory, Amarillo by Morning, Ace in the Hole, and Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her. Strait had seven number one albums in the 1980s and has sold over 100 million records across the world.  In 2006, Strait was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He and his wife Norma have two children.

George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin is an American novelist and short story writer born in 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey. Martin is popular for his novel A Song of Ice and Fire, which HBO later based their series Game of Thrones on. He also is the show’s co-executive producer and is in charge of scripting. His other notable books include A Song for Lya, Portraits of His Children, The Skin Trade, and A Storm of Swords. Martin has won multiple Hugo Awards, Premio Ignotus Awards, and World Fantasy Awards in his career. He is married to Parris McBride.

George Lucas

George Lucas is an American film director and producer born in 1944 in Modesto, California. Lucas became mostly known for his series of Star Wars movies as well as the Indiana Jones movie franchise. Other films he has directed or produced include  THX 1138, Twice Upon a Time, Latino, and Howard the Duck. Lucas was the founder, chairman, and CEO of Lucasfilm, which he sold it to The Walt Disney Company in 2012.  Lucas has won two Saturn Awards,  two Hugo Awards, and an Empire Award. He is has four children and is married to Mellody Hobson.

George W. Bush

George W. Bush is an American Republican politician born in 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States as well as the 46th Governor of Texas. He is the son of the 41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush. Bush graduated from Yale University in 1968 and Harvard’s School of Business in 1975. He was also the co-owner of Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers. He won the United States Presidential Election in 2000 beating Al Gore. Bush was elected for a second term in 2000 defeating Democratic Senator John Kerry. He married Laura Lane Welch in 1977 and has two daughters.

7 Sep, 2005

‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’


West goes off the script while speaking at the Hurricane for Relief telethon to say that Bush doesn’t care about black people. Standing next to Mike Myers, West vents his frustrations about Bush’s slow response to the hurricane in New Orleans. He also says that America is slow to help the poor, blacks, and the less well off.

I hate the way they portray us in the media. If you see a black family, it says they’re looting. See a white family, it says they’re looking for food.

George Bush Hates Black People

14 May, 2014

George R. R. Martin interview


Martin guests on the Conan and chats with O’Brien about differences between the deaths in the Games of Thrones books and the TV show, as well as President Obama’s reference to the hit show during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He also reveals his reluctance to include dragons in his stories.

I think magic has to be handled very carefully in fantasy. Phyllis was right. You need some magic in a fantasy, but too much magic is like too much salt in the stew. All you can taste is the salt and anything can happen.

George R. R. Martin Still Uses A DOS Word Processor

18 May, 1952

George Strait born in Poteet, Texas


TheMan~~element203George Harvey Strait is born in Poteet, Texas to Doris and John Strait. His father is a school teacher and owns and operates a ranch. He is the second of three childre, his oldest brother’s Buddy and his younger sister, Percy. George’s mother and father divorce when he is in fourth grade. He and his older brother stay with their Dad. Their younger sister, Percy, leaves with his Mother.


22 Jan, 2012

George Lucas interview


Winfrey interviews George Lucas and talks about his creativity and how he comes up with all the names for his characters.

Everyone, goes how do you come up with the names? I have a little book and I just write names all day long.  You just riff on that idea and you end up with a bunch of names. I have hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of names.

George Lucas: OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) Interview – RED TAILS

22 Feb, 2011

George Polk Award

Hastings wins the George Polk Award for Magazine Reporting for “The Runaway General”. The committee calls it

a history-making piece that prompted President Obama’s dismissal of U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal as commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

3 Jun, 2018

UFC wanted Khabib-McGregor, GSP-Diaz lightweight tournament

Appearance announcement

The UFC reportedly wanted a lightweight tournament with Nurmagomedov fighting McGregor in the fall and St-Pierre vs Diaz in August, with the two winners facing off at the end of the year. The GSP-Diaz bought was cancelled due to GSP’s illness. St-Pierre:

I’m not ready to fight yet. I need to wait until all the symptoms of my ulcer stop. It’s much better than it was but it’s not 100 percent yet. If I try to return for a training camp for a fight it will amplify and go back to what it was in the beginning. I need to get over this first for my own health and safety.

The Nurmagomedov-McGregor bout is impacted by McGregor’s legal issues. However, Nurmagomedov’s camp has also been pushing for a match up with St-Pierre instead, which they call a “legacy” bout.

11 Mar, 2018

St-Pierre rejects McGregor ‘money fight’

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St-Pierre has been linked with a mega-money fight against McGregor ever since he signed up for a new four-fight deal with the UFC in February 2017. Although St-Pierre says he is well aware of the huge payday a fight with McGregor would bring him, he says he is only interested in fights that will add to his legacy in the sport.

The thing is about Conor McGregor, money wise, I believe he’s the one who can put more money on the table. However, legacy wise, I don’t think he’s the guy (to fight). He’s the main guy; he brought the sport to a different level. He’s the most charismatic guy. He sells; he’s the biggest seller in the sport. If you talk about legacy, if I come back, for legacy, that’s what interests me the most – more than the money. Money, yes it’s good. But if I come back, it’d be more for legacy a legacy match.

6 Oct, 2017

Freddie Roach teases McGregor-GSP fight

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Boxing coach Freddie Roach says that he has been training St-Pierre for his upcoming fight with Michael Bisping at UFC 217 for Bisping’s middleweight title. When Roach is asked if he could help improve McGregor’s boxing skills, the 57-year-old dismisses the idea.

It’s too late [for McGregor]…GSP is going to kick his ass anyway.

While there is potential for a 170 pound fight between the two (McGregor fought Nate Diaz at that weight), the UFC denies that such a fight will take place:

GSP is coming back after 4 years off. Conor is looking to defend his title. There is zero talk about GSP vs. Conor.

15 Aug, 2017

Malignaggi calls out McGregor

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Malignaggi says he wants to settle his feud with McGregor in a boxing ring.

It’s picked up a ton of momentum, the bad blood is there so let’s fight. We’ll need to see how he looks against Mayweather. If he looks dog s***, no one will want to see us fight. As long as he doesn’t get the living s*** beaten out of him, I think the demand is there to make the fight…I showed up with the best intentions in camp, but at a certain point you realise that you are being used as a pawn where somebody is trying to get ahead at your expense and not through your help…f I never see him or speak to him for the rest of my life, it’s cool.

The MMA Hour: Episode 395 (w/Cormier, GSP, Malignaggi, Hardy in Studio, More)

1 Aug, 2017

Woodley demands White apology or he’ll start ‘leaking sh*t’

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After Woodley’s UFC 214 win against Demian Maia, White says that Woodley should have put Maia away in the second round, criticises the lack of action in the fight, and then says he had taken away the Georges St-Pierre fight from Woodley and gave it to Michel Bisping.

Yup! There you go. Because I know Michael Bisping will fight. Michael Bisping will show up and actually fight.So yeah, we will give it to him. The ship turned around and fucking sailed back.

In response Woodley says he had problems with his shoulder:

My shoulder is f-cking torn. I’m upset, I didn’t say anything in the fight, because that’s not what a champion does…I don’t care so much about the fans, but when your job title is promoter, promote your fucking fighter. Promote your champion, don’t demote your champion. I threw my shoulder out in the first round and I wasn’t able to throw any damaging shots. I still stayed the course, stayed on task and stayed on point. I executed the gameplan after having to reduce my shots to straight punches. I didn’t even tell my coaches until I was getting my medicals after…So I am owed a public apology. You want to publicly scrutinize me Dana White, you need to publicly apologize to me. I’ve done nothing but good things for this sport, nothing but a good model for the organization…And if I don’t get that, I am going to start leaking some sh-t you don’t want to be out in the wind, and I am not even kidding about that. They know what I’m referring to. I am due a public apology. I better get it. I am tired of it.

10 May, 2017

White: McGregor wants to fight twice this year

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White says that, despite uncertainties about the Mayweather fight date, McGregor wants to fight twice in 2017.

Conor wants to fight. Conor wants to fight Floyd, Conor wants to fight twice this year, so we’ll just have to see how this thing plays out…Obviously I was expecting him to fight this summer. That is not the case so we’ll see what happens. I know he recently came out and said he’d like to fight in November. I like Georges St-Pierre, he’s a great guy… we’ll see. We’ll see what happens.

Dana White: "Conor McGregor Wants to Fight TWICE this Year" & talks GSP Return, UFC 211

2 May, 2017

Bisping: ‘McGregor is Jesus, I am the Devil’

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During his Believe You Me podcast Bisping compares the blowback he’s receiving for fighting George St-Pierre versus the lack of criticism thrown towards Conor McGregor, who is trying to get a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Whatever I do, I get shit off everybody. Conor McGregor can do no wrong, he is Jesus reincarnated. He can walk on water, he can do whatever the f-ck he wants. He can leave the sport of UFC and go chase a boxing match and that’s still the best thing ever, holding up two divisions whilst he’s at it. But me, Jesus Christ, all I tried to do is get a big payday and I’m the scum of the earth, I’m the devil. The top seven are calling me out. Whichever one of them, because they’re all tough guys, let’s be honest, whichever one I pick, the other six are all going to bitch and whine and complain. So you can’t win. I’m fighting Georges St-Pierre, f-cking deal with it.”

Believe You Me w/ Michael Bisping FULL EPISODE #9 – Pull The Trigger

23 Apr, 2017

GSP does not rule out future fight with McGregor

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St -Pierre responds to the claim that Michael Bisping and Freddie Roach have made that he is lining up a fight with McGregor.

That’s a very ambitious plan. I have a plan in the back of my head, but I’m not going to talk about it right now. The reason is – I’m not a talker, I’m a doer…A lot of people, they need to talk to promote themselves. Everybody knows who’s who here. I’m not a new fighter. They know who I am. My resume talks by itself. It’s going to depend on what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen when I fight Michael Bisping. When this fight will be finished, I’ll go to reorient my career. But it could be anything, it’s a lot of opportunities…I think [McGregor]’s a great fighter. I think he’s a really great fighter. He’s a very charismatic fighter. He’s the biggest seller in the sport of all time. He’s the biggest draw. But I think now he’s going to fight Floyd Mayweather, I’ve heard, in a boxing match.

30 Mar, 2017

Roach hopes St-Pierre fights McGregor in the last fight of his deal

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Roach says he hopes St-Pierre’s last fight on his contract will be with McGregor.

Who wouldn’t want that fight? I mean, it’s a big fight. We’d have to maybe cut weight and meet in the middle somewhere, something like that, but there’s a lot of negotiations to still happen of course, but yes. Who wouldn’t want that fight? We’ll see. The thing is [Georges is on] a three fight deal, and we have to win and that’s what we plan on doing.

Freddie Roach says the last fight on St-Pierre's contract "hoping to be Conor McGregor!"

24 Mar, 2017

Rogan: McGregor could be the ‘touch of death’ for Mayweather

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Rogan says McGregor is dangerous to Mayweather.

Mayweather is a way better boxer. There’s just no doubt about it. He’s one of the greatest boxers, if not the greatest boxer that has ever lived…But that said, Conor McGregor is not incompetent. He’s very dangerous. Floyd Mayweather’s a way better boxer, but Conor McGregor is dangerous as f-ck and he has a really deceptive ability to move in and move out. He can cover distance very quickly and he can do so in a weird way. But if Floyd can figure him out and start using his jab and using his movement – see, Floyd has traditionally had problems with southpaws but he’s never lost to one…That’s a freak athlete and those come along and when those come along, if they’re smart too, and then they’re really good at learning the sport too, a lot of people are f-cked. And that’s where Conor McGregor is. He’s a freak athlete in the sense that he has what Firas Zahabi [calls] it the ‘touch of death.’ That’s the best way to describe it. He just zaps people.

He alsolikens McGregor’s punch power to heavyweight great George Foreman.

McGregor is a freak athlete with a touch of death who just zaps people. Look at the way Foreman hit [people]… his single-shot power-punch was so extraordinary that hardly anyone could stand in front of him.Foreman was so scary. So these freak athletes come along and when they’re smart and learn the sport, a lot of [opponents] get f-cked. That’s where Conor McGregor is.

Joe Rogan Experience #934 – John Dudley

8 Mar, 2017

St-Pierre: Bisping ‘no Conor McGregor’ when it comes to trash talk

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St-Pierre says Bisping is not good at trash talk.

I don’t consider Bisping as a good trash talker; I think he’s horrendous. I think he’s terrible. He’s not even good at trash talking. He’s doing the best thing for me. The more he talk the more he embarrasses himself. I don’t really care. Some guys, for example like Conor McGregor or Chael Sonnen, I would never be able to get into a war of words with them because they’re just so good. But Michael Bisping, he thinks he’s good but he’s terrible. Everything he says doesn’t make sense. The more he opens his mouth the more he embarrasses himself, so for me it’s a good thing.

4 Mar, 2017

MMA event turns into riot


A mass brawl involving around 20 men takes place at a mixed martial arts event in the Black-E Centre in Liverpool’s Chinatown after a man jumps into the ring at the end of a match and starts punching one of the fighters. Mobile phone footage show the attacker, in a black shirt, standing outside the ropes in one of the ring’s corners – suggesting he could have been trainer. As the brawl erupts, bottles are launched as people throw themselves over the ropes to join the violence. Many are hit by the missiles as they try to get out of harm’s way and the fight soon spills out of the ring and into the crowd. One spectator is shown holding a metal stand and swinging it furiously as brawlers kick and punch each other in a doorway. Others launch metal chairs at another group of fighters who appear to be standing the other side of the doorway. In one scene a man lies flat out on the floor while yobs throw chairs and a barrier stand at his body, before another fighter takes a kick at his head. Police say the brawl continued outside:

At around 9.05pm, calls were received of spectators fighting during an organised Mixed Martial Arts and boxing event at The Black-E venue on Great George Street. Various reports indicated that at least 20 people were involved and that bottles had been thrown.

1 Mar, 2017

White: McGregor vs St-Pierre was ‘not even close’ to being booked by UFC

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White says a St-Pierre-McGregor fight was never realistically discussed.

We were) not even close [to making a fight between McGregor and St-Pierre]. Georges said he could make 155 pounds. But let’s be honest here – everyone wants to take a shot at Michael Bisping. They think he’s beatable, and obviously Georges St-Pierre is no different. So he’s going to step up and try to take his 185-pound title.

GSP vs Bisping announced for later in 2017

Appearance announcement

White announces St-Pierre will fight Bisping for the middleweight championship of the world later in 2017. Bisping and St-Pierre will have a press conference on this Friday 3rd March in Las Vegas. White:

He wanted to take some time off from the sport. He’s been talking about coming back for a couple of years now.I personally wasn’t a believer, but he and I got together in Las Vegas. We had dinner and got a deal done…He will fight Michael Bisping for the 185 pound title.

Dana White Announces Michael Bisping vs Georges St-Pierre GSP & Addresses Woodley's Comments

20 Feb, 2017

Roach: Mayweather-McGregor ‘looks like it’s gonna happen’

Roach says a boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor will actually happen.

We’re in a different era now. It looks like it’s gonna happen. Everything is pointing in the right direction. I think Conor will have his hands full with a boxer like Floyd. But he’s sellable, he’s making some noise…According to Mayweather, yes [the fight is going to happen]. He told me [three months ago] he would fight him. Everything is pointing in that direction right now. At one point, I didn’t think it was possible.

As for McGregor’s skills:

He is a pretty good striker. The thing is Floyd is a great boxer. He’s really good at hitting and not getting hit and so forth. I think it would take a long time for Conor to get ready for a boxing match, a pure boxing match. But ya know, one punch can change everything. It’s the sport we’re in. I’m not gonna count him out completely. I think Mayweather is the favorite, yes, but I wouldn’t count anyone out. Because he throws, he throws hard and he’s not afraid to throw…I would like to try to help him to get ready. That would be an honor for me, yes. Right now, Georges [St-Pierre] is my main concern. Georges has first priority at this point.

The MMA Hour Live – February 20, 2017

28 Jan, 2017

McGregor: Fighter’s union ‘fakest load of shit I’ve ever seen in my life’

Makes Statement

At the An Evening With… event in Manchester, McGregor criticises the MMAAA fighter’s union and St-Pierre’s role.

I’m watching this union thing, it like a press conference, and I’m like, what the f-ck is going on here? They’re standing up, they’re all wearing the same t-shirt. They’re saying, ‘Conor, please. Conor, please, you know what’s right. Help us out, Conor.’ And Georges is saying, ‘Conor’s a good person. I know he gets paid well, but he doesn’t get paid enough.’ And I’m like — what the f-ck are you talking about? The only reason you [St-Pierre] are standing in the middle of that union is because you couldn’t get the deal you want. You’re the fakest of everyone up there…I just thought it was the biggest, fakest load of shit I’ve ever seen in my life. So, I don’t know. I wish everyone well, but you need to focus on yourself. You need to stop putting your hand out. Everyone’s hands are out, everyone wants things for free. You’ve got to put in the work, you’ve got to grind, you’ve got to go through the struggle, and you’ve got to get it.

9 Jan, 2017

Woodley vs. Thompson set for UFC 209

Appearance announcement

Woodley says he will fight Thompson at UFC 209 on March 4:

He got under my skin so much, that you know what. I’m just gonna go ahead and fight this dude. Like straight up. He got under my skin that bad, that I don’t even care about the ration, the money and what fight makes most sense. You need to be careful what you ask for. Wonderboy, you want it? Come get it. You wanna get done worse than you did the last time? Like, some people gotta be real careful. You can lit weights, you can gain weight, it don’t matter. You’re not going to make up for twenty years of wrestling, you’re not going to make up for sheer athleticism, power, conditioning and hunger. Those things are just in you.


To me, he’s just not acting like a champion. It was a draw. He even said that we have unfinished business, but it seems like he’s just calling out everybody else but me. He’s called out Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz, Demian Maia. He’s even gone to the point where he wanted to go up a weight class to fight Bisping. It’s like the bully in the room and he’s looking for everybody else who he probably knows aren’t going to fight him.

1 Dec, 2016

GSP to McGregor: You’re not getting your fair share

Makes Statement

At a conference call announcing the newly launched MMA Athletes Association (MMAAA) St-Pierre says McGregor, despite being the sport’s highest-paid star, is still underpaid, and appeals to the Irishman for his support.

Even though Conor is the most well (paid) athlete, he doesn’t have his fair share of what he should have. And I’m saying this from the top contestant to Conor McGregor, they don’t have their fair share…There’s something I think about Conor McGregor; I’ve met Conor a couple of times. You have the Conor McGregor that’s a human being and the Conor McGregor of business. The one you see in the UFC is the Conor McGregor that’s business. But the Conor McGregor that’s a human being, I know for sure he knows what’s right. Nobody is a perfect human being, but Conor is not a coward. He knows what’s right, and everybody knows what we’re doing is right. So, of course, we would like to have the biggest name in the sport on board, and we need it.

Full audio: Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association announcement call