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20 Nov, 2014

Jeff Garlin interview

A.J. Jacobs interviews Garlin for Esquire about why he stopped using Twitter because of Selena Gomez.

No, no. I was interviewed recently by some Internet talk show and I talked about how I was very upset about the sexualization of Selena. Not her doing anything, but the Internet’s approach to her. They’ve been treating her in a sexual manner since she was a teenager. And now that she’s like 21, they’re like, “Oh, it’s okay now. Every time I look it’s another hot bikini shot of Selena. I just get sick of the sexualization of her. Not by her. I mean, she has every right to wear a bikini or a sexy dress or whatever. But whatever she does, the Internet just jumps on it and it makes me nuts! However, the next day after it went all over the Internet, two things happened. One was, other sites trolled and put headlines up saying, “Jeff Garlin Disgusted by Selena Gomez.” And then her followers went on my Twitter site and were telling me pretty much, “Fuck you, old man.”  And I love Selana Gomez, I actually think she’s the greatest and I am really sad about the whole thing. So I decided that I am through with Twitter. I still do Instagram. And Twitter by the way is a fine thing, I have nothing against Twitter. I’m just not feeling it anymore.

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