Welcome to Newslines!

Newslines is a crowdsourced news search engine that’s is a mix of daily news, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

Our contributors write and edit summaries of all the newsworthy information (news events, performances, interviews and life events such as births, marriages and deaths) about any person, news story, company or product. The summaries are compiled into easy-to-understand timelines that can be filtered and sorted.

Newslines contributors get 50% share of advertising on any page they create. We created this system because we want to build one of the world’s biggest sites, and because we believe that the people who create content should get a share in the rewards. As we grow we hope to distribute millions of dollars in revenue share to our contributors — the people who actually make the site. To become a contributor sign up here.

Newslines was started by Mark & Mary Devlin, entrepreneurs from Scotland who lived for 18 years in Japan before coming to the US in 2007. In Japan they created Metropolis, Japan’s No 1 English magazine and Japan Today, the No 1 news and discussion site about Japan. Newslines was launched in Sarasota, Florida, in May 2014.

Feel free to contact us any time on the chat, or at [email protected]