Abu Ibrahim Ar-Raqqawi

Abu Ibrahim Ar-Raqqawi1 post
7 Jun, 2014

Ar-Raqqawi Reddit AMA

Ar-Raqqawi answers questions about life under ISIS in the self-professed Caliphate’s capital. On whether there are positives from the implementation of Shariah law:

In my opinion ISIS has done nothing good, except we aren’t being shelled anymore, so that’s the bright side. They aren’t really trying to win the hearts and minds here. They run the “Da’wah” tents for children, but those are dangerous. They’ve convinced many kids to join ISIS, without their parent’s knowledge. It’s brainwashing.

There’s always a “barrier”between ISIS members and civilians. Today an ISIS guy dressed in civilian clothing went into a store and said “could I buy some cigarettes, but I don’t want the ISIS guys to know”. The shop owner closes shop, and hands him a pack. The guy then leaves and calls up an ISIS truck, and they search his shop and burn the cigarettes.

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