African Migration

African Migration3 posts
12 May, 2014

Migrants’ ship sinks

At least 14 are killed in a ship carrying migrants about 100 miles off southern Italy. The coast guard rescues 200 others who are on the ship. Many of the migrants are from Africa, other’s are fleeing from war in Syria.

11 May, 2014

Boat sinks off Lybia

At least 40 people are dead when a boat carrying illegal migrants sinks off the coast of Tripoli. An estimated 50 are rescued but and unspecified number remain missing. It is assumed most on the vessel are from Africa in particular Syria. The migrants arrive to board boats heading towards European shores.

5 May, 2014

Boats capsize off Greek coast

22 people have drowned and 10 more are missing after two boats carrying migrants capsized off of Samos. There are thirty six survivors rescued from Aegean Sea with search continuing. The nationality of the boats is yet unknown.

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