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18 Nov, 2013

Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of)

Single Release

The band releases their single, Show’ Em (What You’re Made Of) from their album, In a World Like This. McLean and Richardson wrote the song for their children:

Kevin was like, ‘Why don’t we write something that’s about our kids or is a positive reinforcement-type song because there is so much negativity out there and bullying and all this crap that’s been going on? The world needs positivity. Not only was it my daughter and his son, but it was all of our kids that were influenced and even other people’s kids and just fathers, mothers, people that are the kind of people that encourage you to go out and to show ’em what you’re made of, give it your all and the song turned out beyond what I ever expected it to be. It became this huge emotional record.

30 Jul, 2013

In a World Like This

Single Release

The band releases their single, In a World Like This, from their album with the same name. McLean:

I think In a World Like This, both in a pop world that we’ve been living in for the past 20 years, and just the world that we live in with all the different things, positive things [and] negative things going on in this entire world. We’re still here 20 years later, living in this world that we’ve created. And I think it’s positive actually. It does kind of sound a little dark, but I think it’s positive.

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