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3 Aug, 2001

Cannot use name

A US District Court rules that Alan Jardine cannot legally tour with his band under the name Beach Boys Family and Friends, as he did in 1999. He may use the name Family and Friends Beach Band. Founding member Mike Love currently tours with a group named The Beach Boys. Attorney Mike Flynn, who represents the Beach Boys’ corporate entity:

We are happy with the result. This terminates his entire case.

5 Jul, 2001

Sues band

Jardine sues Mike Love, Brian Wilson, the Carl Wilson Trust and Brother Records Inc. for $4 million for excluding him from recent concerts.

The entire premise of the Beach Boys has been to promote love, harmony and music. But right now the ‘Beach Boys’ are taking the financial rather than the creative route, and Mike is making an end run to grab all of the income. This is a moral issue.

Brother records:

This is frivolous harassment, where Alan is trying to get money that he does not deserve.

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